J. E. Choate


J. E. Choate was born in Wingo, Kentucky on February 27, 1916 and received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in 1954. He is married to Marie Jones and they have two children.

He was taught from the junior high school through college level and has preached the gospel for more than 56 years in an area around Wingo, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.

He has published books in the history of the Old West as well as several religious publications, restoration history biographies of Boles, Keeble, Goodpasture, and Calhoun and Sounding Brass and Clanging Cymbals (a history of music in the Restoration Movement from Alexander Campbell to the present).

J. E. Choate served as a staff writer for the Gospel Advocate during the last years of the tenure of B. C. Goodpasture and is currently writing for Firm Foundation, Contending for the Faith, Biblical Notes, and Yokefellow.

He has a personal interest in theology and church history and has been a student of Restoration history since 1938. He is also interested in and has done formal studies in world religions and philosophy. He is a student of the great books of civilization from Plato to Mark Twain.

His primary interest are family, preaching and teaching. His immediate family holds 18 earned academic degrees on every level ranging from religion, Special Education, and two J.D.'s.

He says, "My life has been uneventful except for the joy of doing what I have for a lifetime."