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Feature Book: The Second Incarnation — A Pattern for Apostasy

By Curtis A. Cates

religion, articles, christianity

Feature Book: The Second Incarnation — A Pattern for Apostasy

Soft cover, 55 pages
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A refutation of the Shelly—Harris Book, The Second Incarnation, and "Pilgrim Church Paradigm."

About the Author

Curtis A. Cates is the son of a gospel preacher who has been preaching for over thirty years. For over twenty years, he I has been engaged in training preachers of the Word. He also I has a son who preaches.He has degrees in Bible, English, Science, History, and Education from Alabama Christian College, Livingston University, and Sanford University. He holds the Master of Theology I degree from Southern Christian University and the Doctor of Education from the University of Alabama. He has done postdoctoral work at Abilene Christian University.

Curtis has served as Professor of Bible and English, Alabama Christian College; Vice President of Academics, Southern Christian University; and, Dean of the College, Columbia Christian College (Portland, Oregon). He has been Director of the Memphis School of Preaching for the last twelve years and continues to teach on the adjunct faculty in Bible and apologetics, Southern Christian University.He speaks in gospel meetings, lectureships, and mission efforts including Southeast Asia. He has authored several tracts, numerous articles and The Second Incarnation A Pattern For Apostasy and Worship: Heaven's Imperative, Or Man's Innovations? He edits Yokefellow and the Memphis School of Preaching lectureship books.He is married to Annette gingham Cates and they have two children: Curtis A. Jr., and Daniel Frazier.

Comments of Others

This review of the "Second Incarnation" by Curtis A. Cates is reminiscent of the "Review of Jeter" by Moses E. Lard in its penetrating analyses and thoroughness of exposure of the absurd tenets of this deliberate attempt to lead the saints astray. It is a total exposure of the doctrines the "Second Incarnation" advances. I commend it unreservedly.
Guy N. Woods
The Second Incarnation is one of the most dangerous books penned in this century. It is inundated with errors that are crucial and critical. Curtis A. Cates did his homework in thorough fashion before his review of this monumental monstrosity. His refutation of the Shelly-Harris new theology is done with painstaking preciseness and a sharpness of Scriptural logic that leaves no stone unturned. Brother Cates is a master in unmasking the shallow sophistry of these two Pied Pipers who seek to change the Lord's unchanging church into a changed Barthian organism that fits modern man's current cultural desires. I commend the Herculean task that he has done with consummate skill. To him we owe a continuing debt.
Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
Ripley, Tennessee