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Potpourri, May 1997

religion, articles, christianity
Homos Education?
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Tragedy Book Review


Concerned Women for America conducted a nationwide study of 68 evangelical churches (AFA Journal, Jan. '97). The CWA study indicated "a seismic shift in thinking" on the essential sinfulness of homosexual conduct. The four factors named for producing the change are:

  • The Bible is no longer considered inspired and inerrant.
  • The idea that homosexuals cannot change.
  • Influence of outspoken homosexual church members.
  • Conflict within the churches over homosexuality.

Marianne Moody Jennings, a newspaper columnist, reports that her article which was critical of homosexual conduct resulted in abuse and threats- three­inch screw driven though the side of her car's tire, attempts to discredit her with her employer and get her fired, and name calling. She also claims that her children were threatened.

In Romer v. Evans the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Colorado's Amendment 2, which denied special rights and protection to homosexuals, was unconstitutional. Justice Scalia wrote in dissent to the majority:

When the court takes sides in the culture wars, it tends to be with the knights rather than the villains - and more specifically with the Templars, reflecting the views and values of the lawyer class from which the Court's members are drawn. How that class feels about homosexuality will be evident to anyone who wishes to interview job applicants at virtually any of the Nations' law schools. The interviewer may refuse to offer a job because the applicant is Republican; because he is an adulterer; because he went to the wrong prep school or belongs to the wrong country club; because he eats snails; because he is a womanizer; because she wears real­animal fur; or even because he hates the Chicago Cubs. But if the interviewer should wish not to be an associate or partner of an applicant because he disapproves of the applicant's homosexuality, then he will have violated the pledge which the Association of American Law Schools requires all its member schools to exact from job interviewers: 'assurance of the employers willingness' to hire homosexuals (Bylaws of the Association of American Law Schools, Inc. sec. 64b).

World Magazine (Feb. 8) says, "Homosexuals are less than 2 percent of the population, but they are able to set the national agenda because they're in the cities and in the cultural centers. They're in the universities where the educational establishment is, and where its leaders are being made. The homosexuals are where the entertainment industry is."

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Funny Stuff

Edward Fudge, elder of the Bering Drive church in Houston, is reported to have said: "We now use women and men indiscriminately at Bering Drive CoC in Houston in all ministry except preaching and eldering, on the NT basis of: (1) Jesus' elevation of women; (2) the principle stated in Gal. 3:28; (3) NT examples of women in public service; and (4) a careful decision that no NT text forbids such."

Hey, wait a minute Edward, don't try to fudge. Does preaching and eldering repeal Gal. 3:28? If there is no distinction in gender with reference to leading singing and leading prayers how is that changed when it comes to preaching and eldering?

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Matthew Henry, in commenting on Proverbs 24:21­22, where the inspired wise man said: "Company not with them that are given to change: For their calamity shall rise suddenly; And the destruction from them both, who knoweth it?" made this astute observation:

Have nothing to do, he does not say, with those that change, for there may be cause to change for the better, but those that are given to change, that affect change for change­sake, out of peevish discontent with that which is and a fondness for novelty, or a desire to fish in troubled waters: Meddle not with those that are given to change; come not into their secret; join not with them in their cabals, nor enter into the mystery of their iniquity (Matthew Henry's Commentary).

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Here, Here

In North Carolina, the Family Policy Council won a decade­long battle when the state legislature passed a law requiring public schools to teach abstinence from sex until marriage.

In South Carolina, Dr. Steve Jamison, in a speech at Charlestown High School, talked about sexually transmitted disease. One attractive girl stood and said, "You've told us all about what doesn't work to protect us from all these things [sexually transmitted diseases]. What I want to know is why haven't you told us what will protect during sex?" The doctor responded, "There isn't anything. If there was, I would tell you."

School nurse, Esther Splaine, rose from her seat, walked onto the stage and took the microphone from Dr. Jamison. "He's telling you the truth, honey,"­she said. "Remember a couple of years ago, people came in here and talked about safe sex? And then, the next year they came in and talked about 'safer sex.' Did you ever wonder about why they changed? It's because 'safe sex' [for the unmarried] is a lie" (World, Feb. 8, 1997).

In Hawaii, the State House passed a bill attempting to undo state court rulings allowing homosexual marriage. Also approved: a bill giving homosexual couples some of the same rights as married couples-such as joint property and inheritance rights-that stops short of allowing homosexual partners to wed. Both measures now go to the State Senate.

In Alaska, a federal judge ruled that three landlords who-based on religious beliefs-had refused to rent to unmarried couples are protected by the First Amendment's guarantee of the free exercise of religion.

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A driver who had used a little too much medicinal marijuana collided with right­to­die supporter who had consumed a little too much red wine for his heart condition. Both were killed instantly by their airbags.

Jesse Jackson, on the NBA's treatment of Dennis Rodman: "It's one thing to punish a man. It's another to take away his dignity." Sport magazine (April '97) featured on its cover a near­naked Dennis Rodman wearing only ladies underwear, lipstick, navel­pin, eye­shadow, dangling earrings, multiple tattoos, painted fingernails, and a broad smile. Such dignity! Basketball coach Chuck Daly says of Rodman, "He's always been searching for his identity. I don't know if he's found it, but he seems to be getting closer." Daly also said, "What people don't understand about Dennis is that he's a grown man." Really-that's what he said-we're not kidding.

The Graham Street church in Stephenville, Texas announced in its bulletin (Jan. 19), "No evening worship service January 26." The bulletin also announced, "Communion will be served at 6:00 p.m." that day for those not able to attend the morning service. Do you suppose communion is not worship? By the way, January 26 was Super Bowl Sunday.

Beijing, China arranged to have Matsu, a goldplated statue believed to be an actual goddess, transported by airplane to Taiwan. Matsu rode in the first-class cabin of the plane where "she" was offered food and beverages by flight attendants.

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Word (Nov 16, 1996), The New Homophobia: Schools Fear Lawsuits, reports that Education Week admits: "Public schools are [becoming] a battle ground for gay­rights issues." Homosexual activist Donna Redwing announced, "We're here, we're queer, we're in the classroom."

Jacob Schilling, 8, told his mom he did not want to go to music class at Pewett Elementary School in Omaha, Texas, because his teacher, Mr. Stewart, was "weird." The teacher later announced to the class that he was homosexual. When the mom tried to take the child out of Mr. Stewart's classroom, she was told by the principle if she wasn't going to send Jacob to Mr. Stewart's class not to bother to send him to school at all. She protested and is now being sued by Mr. Stewart. The Texas State Teachers Association has threatened to also sue the mom.

Rodney Wilson, 29, "came out" to his class, after showing a film about the Holocaust. When the film was over, Mr. Wilson held up a poster showing the emblems the Nazis used to identify Jews, homosexuals, and Gypsies. He declared, "If I had been in Europe during World War II, they would have put this pink triangle on me and gassed me to death, because I am gay." The Mehlville (suburb of St. Louis) school board issued a memo saying it was "inappropriate for a teacher to discuss facts of a personal nature, regardless of the nature of those beliefs, in the classroom." Mr. Wilson is suing the district to have the memo removed from his permanent record.

In San Diego, a high­school teacher named Jose Arroyo took advantage of 1995's "National Coming Out Day" by announcing in his classes his homosexuality. The school administrators knew about it and admitted they were "troubled" by it, but they didn't stop him.

In Dedhim, Mass., student activity money was used to fund a "Gay­Straight Student Alliance" and to distribute a questionnaire that was lightly veiled propagandizing.

In St. Paul, Minn., a lesbian social worker Mary Tinucci brought a program called Out with Equity to all six of the school system's high schools. This program offers support groups for kids who are questioning their sexuality ("peeking into the closet" is the homosexual term); confidential health services (condoms and information about homosexual sex); and "safe zones" in each building (classrooms where teachers have been trained to answer questions about sexual orientation.)

In the vanguard is a group called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network. This group has the ear of President Clinton and is quietly effective in introducing homosexuality in the classroom. The public schools are the missionary ground for those advocating homosexuality. Founded in Boston six years ago, GLSTN led the drive to "ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation" in Massachusetts public schools.

GLSTN is seeing steady progress. Five states and numerous school districts have changed their educational codes to bar discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Perhaps here, finally, is a legitimate use of the word "homophobia." School districts see a minefield of potential litigation. The National Education Association has a long­standing policy of providing free legal counsel to teachers who feel they've been discriminated against because of their homosexuality. The Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund is representing free a number of teachers who make such claims.

Homosexuals want your kids to be homosexuals. The Queers, which is what they call themselves, are using the tax­supported schools of America to recruit even elementary children into their ranks. Parents need to beware of the homosexual teacher in the classroom.

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Way Out West

The Westside church in Midland, Texas, sent a letter (Feb. 12, 1997) to the Golf Course Road elders expressing deep concern about teaching and practices at Golf Course Road. The letter mentioned (1) embracing Promise Keeper's movement, advocacy of open fellowship with denominations and joint participation with sectarian churches and (2) GCR Workshop (Jan. '97) saw Golf Course Road elders serving the Lord's Supper on Saturday and (3) GCR claims of instant healing of physical ailments by direct operation of the Holy Spirit when GCR elders laid hands on the sick.

The Westside church called for clarification and suggested it may have no choice but to "mark them that are causing the divisions and occasions of stumbling, contrary to the doctrine which ye learned: and turn away from them." Congregations in the Midland area received a copy of the letter.

The Firm Foundation called the Golf Course Road Church to ask about the situation. We received a sixteen page response and the request that we print it all or none at all. The response confirms that GCR unabashedly supports Promise Keepers and is fully aware of the interdenominational nature of the movement. The elders of GCR acknowledge serving the Lord's Supper on Saturday, and say they will do so again, but not on a regular basis. The paper denies that the GCR elders claim to have experienced miracles like those we read about in the New Testament, but also claims physical healing that is above natural recovery. It is neither miraculous nor non­miraculous. The claim is that the healing is supernatural, but not perfect, which makes us wonder who is doing it. God, by his nature, cannot do anything immediately that is less than complete.

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Air and Water

James Gerstenzano, "Viewed Less as Paganism, Environmentalism is New Religious Cause" (Houston Chronicle, Feb. 7), says: "In short, worshipping the creator can also mean worshipping the creation." Thayer says that the word translated "creature" in Romans 1:25 also means "creation." Gerstenzano says environmentalism is "new," but Paul wrote about it in the first century-that's about 2,000 years ago. The columnist for the Chronicle obviously has never heard of Harry Ward, Emerson Fosdick, Walter Rauchenbusch, and the Social Gospel. It short: It ain't new, but it is foolish, as Paul says.

Watch out, brethren, there are straws in the wind (Christian Scholar's Conference papers) indicating the old error is about to in the restored church. How sad that some, made in God's image, worship dirt. We want pure air and water, but we don't want to hear it about from the pulpit. It may be the business of schools and government and civic groups, but it is distinctly not the business of the church to promote environmentalism. "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs ... you'll be a Man my son!"

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Friends supporters of the Firm Foundation continue to send accolades for the work we do in holding high the banner of truth. Thought you might enjoy reading a few of these encouraging words: "We would like to start sending a bundle of ten to the congregation here so we can share in this good work. Again let me tell you how we appreciate the good work with the paper ... Thanks for living up to your name .... Thank you for the admonition and encouragement I receive through your work (a contribution of $222.00 was included)."

We received a letter from the beloved O. B. Porterfield that included this paragraph: "Please pray for us and we will pray for you and the great work you are doing. I had cancer surgery in February of last year, our house was nearly split in half by a tornado five days after getting out of the hospital, my wife suffered a heart attack in October and had to have surgery. She later fell and crushed her shoulder. I am not complaining. We thank God for life and that we are getting better." O. B. Porterfield continues to "contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints." God bless you, O. B., and your dear wife. You are a sterling example for the rest of us.

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Book Review

Frank Dunn, gospel preacher, has written an excellent book. Know Your Bible. The one volume, 650­page book, gives a summary of every book in the Bible. The scheme brother Dunn uses throughout the book is to give key words, key verses, key phrases, and key chapters for each Bible book. He then explains the message of the book and its purpose. This includes such things as the theme, design, history, and summary of each book in the Bible. He also explains the main divisions, great events, and great characters. An outline of the book is given. This is a helpful study volume.

The Firm Foundation congratulates brother Dunn for this outstanding work. The lessons were originally presented over a period of 25 years (1970­1995) on a weekly radio program over WOAI­AM, and were heard in many states.

In the introductory statements, Frank says: "The supreme attainment in life is to know God, the noblest purpose of life is to glorify God, the worthiest aim in life is to please God, the greatest achievement in life is to be as godlike as possible. The greatest need in life is to have an obedient faith. The highest goal in life is to be with God forever."

Know Your Bible will help one to know, glorify, please, and obey God and be with him eternally. Good job, Frank, your book will live and benefit many and serve as a tribute to your life's study and work.

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