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Potpourri, December 1996

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Hey, Me Over Muslims Destroy Church Buildings Presbyterians
Cretinous To Abort Nor Not to Abort Promise Keepers
NEA Some Sex Marriages Max Lucado
Disney Boycott Welfare and Morals More on Being Honest
Claude Guild Is Dead Hell House Kits Inland, Anyone?

Plaudits keep rolling in ­ and we are humbled. Some readers wrote: "The great Buster Dobbs is working with an urgency - I wanted to say, vengeance, but that does not seem to fit. If I were a liberal, I'd be afraid to stoop over in front of him. The magazine gets better with each issue. I love him. He will turn the other cheek also ... God bless all of you. I enjoy your magazine so very much ... Please add me to your mailing list ... I appreciate anyone who will hold up for the truth ... Enclosed is a subscription check in the amount of $176.00 for eleven names ... Am sending a subscription for a birthday gift ... The Firm Foundation is full of valuable information." That is a sample from our mailbag. Thank you one and all.

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Hey, Me Over

Rubel Shelly is reported to have worn what appeared to be a clerical collar when he appeared on WSMV, Channel 4, Nashville, in an interview with Sharon Puckett. Somehow that reminds me of a Robert Burns line:

Snow­white stockin's on his legs,
And silver buckles glancin';
A guid blue bonnet on his head
And, oh, but he was handsome.

It is also reported that the Sunday morning attendance at Woodmont Hills, where Rubel is the preacher, is down.

The West End church in Nashville, where Jim Bill McInteer preached for many years and where he is the interim preacher while they are searching for a different man, announced in its bulletin (Aug.4) that Rubel Shelly was scheduled to speak on Wednesday nights Aug. 7, 21, and 28 on "Seeking the Mind of Christ."

"But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments, and love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues."

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Image magazine (July/August 1996) ran an article entitled, I Saw Jesus. The subtitle is, In Midland, Texas. A youth worker from Salt Lake City claims that Jesus rode up to their stalled church bus on a motorcycle and changed a tire for them. He was tattooed from head to foot and is described as having "a greasy ponytail." (Of course, people claim to see Jesus in the good deeds of others ­ but tattoos and greasy hair?) The youth worker, who wrote the article, says that when invited to attend a worship service, Jesus said, "I can't. You see, on Sundays I go out on my hawg and preach to bikers ­ they need Jesus, man! I'm the biker preacher."

Guess he forgot the command to "forsake not the assembling of ourselves ..." What can Denny be thinking? Don't you know that we have put away childish things?

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Lee Whitfield in a letter dated September 11, 1996 said:

Equal treatment, in a public system controlled by secular humanist, will never occur. These lost souls hate everything we stand for and believe! We have thrown our young to the wolves for at least two generations. Should it come as any surprise that our attrition rate from the church during our children's high school and college years is stratospheric. It is a shameful and abysmal testimony to our inaction.... The Bible teaches us in Deuteronomy 6:4­9 how to raise our children and this has been supported by research data. A foundation of intact, loving families and Christian influence is the best preventative measure we can take.

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Disney Boycott

Walt Disney Company Touchstone is about to present an episode of "Ellen" in which the lead actress is a lesbian. You may want to write or phone:

American Broadcasting Co. Inc.
2040 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067­4703
Phone: 310­557­7777
Walt Disney Co.
500 North Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91505­3209
Phone: 818­5690­1000
Walt Disney Company Touchstone
500 Park Ave.
New York,NY10022 1606
Phone 212­735­5416
(ABC is owned by Walt Disney Company.)

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Claude Guild Is Dead

Claude Adrian Guild, minister of the gospel missionary, and educator for over sixty years, passed away July 4, 1996, at his home in Redmond, OR. He began preaching while in High School and preaching became a lifelong passion, leading him to five continents.

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Muslims Destroy Church Buildings

More than 5,000 Muslims participated in riots that left 10 Protestant church buildings damaged or destroyed in Suragbaya, the second largest town in Indonesia, on June 9, 1996. The intruders stole from the collection plates (Source: Christianity Today, Sept.16, 1996).

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To Abort Nor Not to Abort

Peter Jones (World, Sept. 14, 1996) says, "With the phrase 'A woman and her God,' President Clinton revealed his own theology. He believes in a god who whispers to some that abortion is a slaughter of the innocents while reassuring others, like ex-Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, of its social benefits. Either the god behind these conflicting ethical systems is schizophrenic, or more than one god is speaking." Some denominational churches have turned to goddess worship and that brings in still another god element. Can some of our people be far behind? The one God of the Bible has an absolute standard of right and wrong and is not welcome in the postmodern womb of returning pagan gods and goddesses. The road is broad, except for those who hold to the scriptural view of God.

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Some Sex Marriages

Earl Davis of Illinois sends a clipping from the Chicago Tribune (Sept. 18, 1996) in which Linda Bowles presents a case against same sex marriages. She points out that the American Psychiatric Association has changed and now says that homosexuality is not an emotional disorder "based on the incredible theory that it isn't what people do that is the problem but how they feel about it ... Guilt, not behavior, is the issue. Remove guilt, and voile! Your cured?" Psychiatry (and its handmaiden, psychology-a voodoo "science") legitimize sexual deviance. Ms. Bowles points out that nature seeks to preserve itself and then says, "If basic nature and genetic dictates were in full control of human behavior, there would be no homosexuality. Nature programs survival, not dead­end relationships. What could be more obvious?"

Why would two men, or two women for that matter, want to marry each other? If they are living together in a caring, monogamous relationship, as they claim, what is the big deal about a marriage certificate? The only reason behind it is taxes and insurance. Be sure that government sanction of same­sex marriages would cost the rest of us arms and legs. There is no practice more foul, dirty, and promiscuous than homosexual behavior, and it brings the penalty of sickness and early death. That, my friend, costs lots of money. Tax breaks for perverts will burden an already strained federal treasury. Taxpayers will end up subsidizing a lifestyle of which most disapprove.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, the Denver City Council approved an ordinance giving health benefits to partners of homosexual city employees, but only if the couple will swear they are in a "committed and exclusive relationship." Get ready for insurance costs to soar. Our real objection, however, is on moral grounds. "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet."

By the way, the word "recompense" means "a reward given in compensation." Paul says that homosexuals receive a just payoff in the unhappiness that results from wallowing in filth.

U. S. News & World Report (Oct. 7, 1996) says "Theories about why sex clubs are back vary as much as attitudes toward them. Some clients might be burned out from worrying about HIV, suggests New York City Health Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. 'They've been living their lives with the sword of Damocles over their head, and they've just had it.' Others may get a thrill out of risking infection, Hamburg says. And customers who have just become sexually active might not know better. 'It may be that we haven't successfully reached the young adolescents (sic),' she says."

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Welfare and Morals

It is clear that illegitimacy, welfare spending, and violent crime are increasing at the same rapid rate. It is a mistake for the government to pay money to 14­year­old girls on condition that they have children out of wedlock. Child abuse and neglect in the United States doubled between 1986 and 1993, increasing from an estimated 1.4 million annual cases to 2.8 million, according to a Sept.18 Department of Health and Human Services study. These child abuse figures do not include abortion, which is the ultimate abuse of a baby.

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Hell House Kits

An Arvada, Colo., Assemblies of God church is selling kits to churches around the country. Buyers get a 263­page manual, a video of the Denver Hell House, and a tape or compact disc with sound effects. The manual includes everything from a script to prop advice, including, "Do your very best to buy a meat product that will resemble as much as possible pieces of a baby that are being placed in the glass bowl for all to see" (Christianity Today, Oct. 7, 1996). Wonder if the meat should be dripping blood?

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Within the mainline Presbyterian Church U.S.A., the question of whether to tighten a ban on ordaining sexually active homosexuals is moving into the presbyteries. In July, the general assembly of the 2.7 million­member denomination, its highest governing body, approved by at 313 to 236 vote a report that calls homosexual practice a sin and begins amending the denominations' constitution to clarify its position that active homosexuals should not serve as ministers, elders, or deacons." To become law, the amendment must be approved within a year by a majority of the country's 172 presbyteries.

It is wonderful that 236 voting members of the PCUSA's high council do not know that homosexuality is a sin.

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Frank Rich (The Des Moines Register, Sept. 27, 1966) describes a Promise Keeper's meeting in Shea Stadium: "Some 35,000 standing, waving guys shouted their love to Jesus at a decibel level unknown even in Shea's occasional brushes with a pennant race. During a marathon rally of sermonizing, singing, and praying, the men repeatedly sobbed and hugged each other, or slapped high­fives while repeating the chant, Thank God I'm a man!"

Critics cite PK's anti-feminist call for men to "take back" power from women, its cult­like psychology and its authoritarian, military­modeled organization, with its network of local cells. Rich said of the Shea Stadium episode, "Every music cue, crowd maneuver and sales pitch for PK paraphernalia is integrated into the show with a split­second precision that suggest a Radio City religious pageant staged by George Patton. Uniformed female PK volunteers run the cash registers and supervise garbage collection at lunch."

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Max Lucado

The Baptist General Convention of Texas recently presented its coveted 1996 Texas Baptist Communications Award to Max Lucado (Abilene Reporter­News, Sept. 28, 1966.)

Hmmm ­ Lucado is probably the right guy to get a Baptist communication Award, considering what he communicates. Max, by the way, is going to be the lead guy at the Jubilee '97 shindig.

Oak Hills Church of Christ, where Max does his Baptist communications, hosted a South Texas Billy Graham Crusade Information Seminar Oct. 21, 1996. A letter from Billy Graham says the seminar "will give you important information on how to become involved" in the South Texas Billy Graham Crusade.

Max's latest book, In the Grip of Grace, gives a parable on the radical difference between God's mercy and a car insurance company's terminating a policy just when he needs it most-when he's had some accidents-to illustrate grace as an undeserved gift from God. Yep! That's Baptist communication all right.

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More on Being Honest

Mercer University's (a Baptist school) President R. Kirby Godsey's new book is titled, When We Talk About God, Let's Be Honest. He explains "everyone will eventually get to heaven. The Bible is not infallible." And "the notion that God is all powerful, the high and mighty principal of heaven and earth should be laid aside" (Atlantic Journal Constitution, Sept. 15, 1996).

The book says the same thing, in other words, about biblical infallibility as the infamous Osburn book, The Peaceable Kingdom. Godsey wrote: "To ascribe infallibility to the written words of the Bible is wrong. God's light has not gone out. God is alive and speaking, and God's Word is not captive to history.... The notion of the Bible's infallibility, instead of giving honor to the Bible, actually leads to a treacherous idolatry of the Bible.... In the Christian faith, the Bible is not the focus of faith, Jesus is the focus of faith." Sounds a lot like some of the speakers at a Christian Scholar's Conference. Paul said:

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." As for me and my house, we will go with Paul, who also wrote: "AII scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

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Inland, Anyone?

A letter from J. W. Dent says, "Irish congregation of the Lord's church requires urgently an evangelist (who can raise his own financial support) to come and teach a small but enthusiastic group of the Lord's people. We are devoted to the Lord and to carrying out his commission. We have made mistakes in the past which we have corrected, but we have much more to learn. If you are able and willing, please come over and help us. Church of Christ, 74 Earlswood Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT43DZ."

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