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Potpourri, November 1996

religion, articles, christianity
News Releases Let There Be Meteorite
Legislation Pending Mumbo Jumbo
Enlightenment State of the Union
Person or Fetus? Traditional Marriage
Some Quotes Queer Report
News from all fronts

We need all the encouragement we can get ... "I appreciate your good work in the Firm Foundation.... Because of failing eyesight I will have to cancel my subscription. I have enjoyed the Firm Foundation for years and years ­ I will miss it.... Thank you brethren for the sound doctrine which the paper proclaims.... God bless you as you live for him is my prayer.... Don't falter, don't ease off." Each month a large number of people write to say you're looking good and doing great. That helps us and we appreciate the reassurance. We again appeal to each of you to help us increase our subscription base. The number of readers is growing at a slow but steady pace, but to keep the growth on an upward plane we must have your continued interest and support. Keep the subscriptions coming ... please.

Willard Collins, president emeritus of David Lipscomb University, wrote: "I am glad that I have access to the paper [Firm Foundation]. I consider we are in a big battle against Satan. There are more people seeking to make the church just another denomination than at any time in my life. The battle is quite strong in this area and we are busy."

Benjamin E. Ogheifun, PO. Box 798, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria W/A, wrote: "My sincere greetings in Christ name. It is a delight for me to write and appreciate for your kind gesture in sending me the monthly 'Firm Foundation.' free of charge since some years now. False brethren are not only in the U.S.A., but they are also very much doing their thing here, and causing division among brethren. Do not slow down or stop defending the faith. We are suffering untold hardship in my country due to economic and political unrest. Remember in prayers always."

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News Releases

Oklahoma Christian University has appointed Dr. Jeanine Varner vice president for academic affairs. Bailey McBride, who formerly held the position, has been named editor of the Christian Chronicle to replace Howard Norton, who has gone to Harding University.

Faulkner University reports that participants called the Elders & Wives retreat, held July 14-17, a big success.

Truth for the World reports that Ed Crookshank, Rod Rutherford, and several others conducted a three­week evangelistic campaign in Zambia. Eighteen were baptized and 67 restored.

There was an appreciation day celebration (Sept. 7) for Lewis Mikell, a faithful gospel preacher of more than 50 years, at the Chapel Hill Church of Christ, Gallipolis, Ohio.

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Legislation Pending

Rep. David Funderburk refused to attend his subcommittee's hearing on HR 1863 ­ the so-called Employment Non­Discrimination Act ­ because the witnesses were all pro-gay rights. The act would add sexual orientation to the list of protected categories in federal civil rights law, which now includes race, religion, sex, national origin, age and disability (Human Events, July 26, 1996). Robert Knight of Family Research Council says that ENDA "paves the way for quotas based on sexual preference" and "guarantees an onslaught of litigation." What's more, says Knight, the act "defines 'sexual orientation' so broadly that all sexual proclivities, from pedophilia to bisexuality, are given special protection."

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Earl Davis sent a copy of the July 12, 1996, Religion Section of the Chicago Tribune where it is reported that some young people are turning to Zen Buddhism searching for "some level of meaning." We suggest they give the Bible a try ­ it is tested and proven. It tells us who we are, where we are, and whether we go. What more could you want?

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Person or Fetus?

The South Carolina Supreme Court in a 3­to­2 decision ruled that previous court rulings and state law make clear that a healthy fetus is a person and that if the mother takes drugs that could harm it, she can be prosecuted for child abuse. Since 1984, state prosecutors have been able to charge people who injure or kill a woman's viable fetus, and for 26 years families have been allowed to sue if a fetus is hurt or killed. State Atty. Gen. Charlie Condon called the new ruling "a landmark decision for protecting children" (Human Events, July 26, 1996). You might look again at Exodus 21:22.

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Some Quotes

The popular media have somehow convinced our society that "positive" and "negative" mean "good" and "bad" (David Becker).

Some things are good and others are bad. Some actions are right and others are wrong. Some things are indescribably beautiful and others are unspeakable ugly. Some human behavior is obedient to God's order of things and other behavior is rebellious Joel Belz).

It's not that I'm afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens (Woody Allen).

It's the equivalent of herding squirrels (Alfred Blumstein, a criminologist at Carnegie Mellon University, speaking of organizing a team of social scientists).

Sincerity: if you can fake it, you've got it made (Daniel Schorr)

What is earnest is not always true; on the contrary, error is often more earnest than truth (Benjamin Disraeli).

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News from all fronts

The liberal Unitarian Universalist Association on June 25 endorsed legalization of marriage "between any two committed persons" regardless of sex.

About 200 homosexual­rights supporters marched recently in front of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church to oppose D. James Kennedy, an outspoken critic of homosexuality.

The general assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church voted in June to suspend ties with the Christian Reformed Church because of the CRC's 1995 vote to allow regional classes to ordain women. The OPC urged the CRC to "repent" and said "the ordination and/or installation of women to the office of elder, minister, or evangelist is contrary to the Scriptures."

The Disciples of Christ appointed a new mission agency, Common Global Ministries Board, and it has joined with the ultra­liberal United Church of Christ to ask the World Council of Churches not to hold its 1998 global assembly in Zimbabwe. The board criticized the Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe for making "several public attacks on Zimbabwean gays and lesbians."

Madalyn Murray O'Hair left her Austin, Texas, home nine months ago ostensibly to go to New York to picket the pope's appearance there, but never arrived in New York. She has not been heard from since.

A Bible­quoting contest in Alabama ended badly when the loser shot and killed the winner. National Review (Aug. 12, 1996) commented, "We had not known there were so many deconstructionists in Alabama."

The television program 20/20 reported that the Federal Government, acting under The Americans with Disabilities Act, required a Los Angeles strip club to build a ramp because "someone in a wheelchair might want to become a stripper."

Charles Murray reports that illegitimacy increased at a record rate in the 1990s. A third of all American births are out of wedlock.

People who use their erudition to write for a learned minority ... don't seem to me favored by fortune but rather to be pitied for their continuous self-torture. They add, change, remove, lay aside, take up, rephrase, show to their friends, keep for nine years and are never satisfied. And their futile reward, a word of praise from a handful of people, they win at such a cost ­ so many late nights, such loss of sleep, and so much sweat and anguish ... their health deteriorates, their looks are destroyed, they suffer partial or total blindness, poverty, ill­will, denial of pleasure, premature old age and early death (Desiderius Erasmus).

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Let There Be Meteorite

A potato­sized Martian meteorite found in Antarctica in 1984 became the focus of a scientific and news organizations frenzy August 6. Scientists announced the rock contained evidence that "suggested" microscopic life existed on Mars more than 3 billion years ago, inspiring a new song called, The Mars Rock

Rock of Ages, left for me,
Let my funding come from thee
Grants and dollars by the load,
From my wacky theories flowed,
Evolution ­ double sure
Keep me from creation's lure.

Time magazine (Oct. 11, 1993) reported a 1953 University of Chicago graduate student, Stanley Miller, provided the first widely accepted experimental evidence for evolution. In a glass jar he created a comic­strip version of primitive earth. Water for the ocean. Methane, ammonia and hydrogen for the atmosphere. Sparks for lightning and other forms of electrical discharge. One week later he found in his jar a sticky goop of organic chemicals, including large quantities of amino acids, Lego blocks for the proteins that make up cells. Case closed, or nearly so, many scientists believed. Remember, that was in 1953!

Meanwhile older and older fossils have all but proved that life did not evolve at the leisurely pace Darwin envisioned. W. R. Bird in his massive work, The Origin of Species Revisited, gives a balanced, scholarly and meticulous demonstration in favor of abrupt appearance that has received the praise of both evolutionists and non­evolutionists. Bird, who argued the major case on the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court, presents an in­depth comparison of the theory of organic evolution and the theory of abrupt appearance in two volumes containing 2,000 quotations and 5,400 footnotes. (Bird, let it be noted, did not accept the theory of special creation, but did reject the theory of evolution in favor of the theory of abrupt appearance of all life forms). It is heavy reading but worth the effort.

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Mumbo Jumbo

Eric Hall, who recently resigned a professorship at SMU and who holds a doctorate in Electrical Engineering, was walking across the campus at UT in Austin when two men handed him a tract. When brother Hall engaged the men in a discussion and brought up the subject of baptism, the older of the two said, "You must be a member of the church of Christ." Hall allowed that he is, and the man responded, "I used to be, too." The younger man gleefully said, "Yes, I used to be a member of the church of Christ as well." As it turns out, the younger one recently graduated from ACU and the older one from DLU sometime in the 60s. The tract the two were handing out contained the instructions, "To be regenerated, simply come to the Lord with an open and honest heart and say to him: Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. I need You. Thank You for dying for me. Lord Jesus, forgive me. Cleanse me from all my sins. I believe You rose from the dead. I receive You right now as my Savior and life. Come into me! Fill me with Your life! Lord Jesus, I give myself to You for Your purpose."

Incidentally, Jesus Christ of Nazareth said, "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved." No where in all of the New Testament was any person ever told to say to Jesus, "Come into me! Fill me with Your life!" Nor was anyone ever instructed to be regenerated by simply coming to the Lord with open heart and mind and saying to him, "I need you." Nicodemus was told, "Except one be born of the water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God."

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State of the Union

Carl Wilson in his book, Our Dance Has Turned to Death, gives seven steps to the death of both the Greek and Roman empires. They are (1) the neglect of families by men, (2) the decline of the status of women in the home, (3) the decline of belief in God, (4) pursuit of materialism and political power, (5) proliferation of "alternative lifestyles," (6) abortion, and (7) the rise of powerful special interest groups to hamstring government.

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Traditional Marriage

The U.S. House of Representatives passed overwhelmingly the Defense of Marriage Act (HR 3396). The new law defines marriage as "a legal union" between one man and one woman and says the word "spouse" refers only to a person of the opposite sex. The purpose of the bill is to deny homosexual marriages legal status. Senators are being lobbied by homosexual activists to defeat the bill in the U.S. Senate. The sodomites' strategy is directed by Sen. Ted Kennedy. President Clinton says he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

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Queer Report

Severe criticism of the Walt Disney Company comes because of its support of homosexuals, including domestic partner benefits, homosexual celebrations at its theme parks, and an excessive number of homosexuals on the payroll. Disney denies homosexual preference. Still, three top executives at Disney are leaders of Hollywood Supports, a pro-homosexual group whose focus is to promote the homosexual agenda in the workplace. The three are: Michael Eisner, Chairman of the Walt Disney Company; Michael Ovitz, President of Walt Disney Company; and Joe Roth, Chairman of Walt Disney Motion Pictures.

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