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Potpourri, March 1996

religion, articles, christianity
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Continue means to go on with a particular action; persist; to exist over a long period; to - remain in the same state, capacity, or place; to carry forward.

We are pleased to say that the Firm Foundation continues to continue. It has existed over a long period and is dedicated to the old paths and therefore to remaining in the one faith. We shall never waver nor retreat, because we stand on the immutable word of an unchanging God. Our readers know and appreciate our commitment to eternal verities. The gospel is the "gospel truth." Some of our readers encourage us with words of commendation, such as: "The December issue is one of the best yet. May you have many more wonderful years. In a world awash with liberalism, we appreciate the firm stand you take.... Very much enjoy the articles in the Firm Foundation and the effort to follow in the old paths.... I was given your publication by a friend ­ undoubtedly one of the finest presents I've ever received ... thank you for the great work you are doing ... I appreciate the Firm Foundation, especially the articles written by brother Adron Doran and brother J. E. Choate. I've been preaching the gospel for 61 years." We could go on and on, but this gives a sample of the encouraging words we daily receive. Thank you.

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We have received notice of the passing of brother Chester Boyd Sellers, an elder of the Columbus Avenue Church of Christ. He was well known throughout Central Texas as a strong defender of the truth. Joe Keys, minister for the Columbus Avenue church, wrote: "With C. B. Sellers one could readily see by his cheerful disposition, his compassionate and gentle spirit, and his loving nature that the concerns of God's heart were his concerns as well."

We are also advised that George Franklin Bertine II made his departure for an unseen world Jan.2, 1996, at age 83. In 1686, his ancestors, Pierre and Judith LeRoy Bertine came from Rochelle, France to Narragansett, RI, and then to Rochelle, NY, as one of the first Hugenot families to enter America. He was a long­time member of the Pearl Street church in Denton, where he taught, led singing and served in many ways to spread the gospel.

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James L. Meadows, well-known brotherhood author, lecturer and preacher, became Director of East Tennessee School of Preaching, Knoxville, Tenn. in January 1996. Meadows has preached in Tennessee, Kentucky, and South Carolina. He is the author of 37 books for classroom and private study. He will be available for meetings and lectureships and may be contacted in care of the school at 6608 Beaver Ridge Road, Knoxville, Tennessee 37931.

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Telling the Truth

Lynne V. Cheney was talking about political and educational matters, but the statement is wise and may have an application to religion. Cheney wrote: "The idea that there is no enduring truths, only politically useful notions ­ no overarching principles, only the interests of the moment ­ is invading our culture. We worry whether schools will pass along an accurate history to our children. We wonder if our children will appreciate the importance of reason and evidence. We ask how our children will learn to work hard and strive for excellence when ideas like merit and quality are impugned.... The idea of responsibility ­ of being accountable for one's actions ­ becomes meaningless if we can constantly rewrite the past. The notion of compassion assumes a real world in which the pain of others, hurting them as much as our pain hurts us, deserves our sympathetic understanding" (Reader's Digest, Jan. 96).

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Playboy asked all of the Republican presidential candidates and House Speaker Newt Gingrich whether public schools should teach creationism. All declined to answer the question.

In Swaziland a member of parliament blamed the country's drought on the fact that women no longer cover their heads. He said the women have angered the nation's ancestors by defying tradition.

In Fernandino Beach, Florida a judge has thrown out a city ordinance that made it illegal for politicians to lie. The judge termed the law a "blatant" violation of the First Amendment.

OSHA threatened to sue a Boise plumbing contractor because its employees didn't use approved resuscitation techniques when they pulled a worker from a mud-filled ditch and saved his life.

Amsale Neguissie, a Coptic Christian, is taking advantage of the last Fallasha Jew leaving Ethiopia by portraying Jewishness for tourist dollars. She greets visitors with a "Shalom," recites gibberish that she pretends is the Torah, and shows off Judaic souvenirs, including a Star of David with legs and a face.

According to liberals, America is so intolerant that many people lie about their sexual preference, saying they're straight when they're really gay. No one told super-model Rachel Williams, who announced that she was coming out of the closet as a lesbian, then later admitted that she was pregnant and considering a marriage proposal from her, uh, boyfriend. Oscar Wilde put it best in The Importance Of Being Earnest: "I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisy."

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New York, New York

In Niagara Falls, NY, Roosevelt Posey beat up a woman on the street whom he mistook for his missing wife. Mrs. Posey bailed him out of jail and explained, "This proves he loves me."

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Parrots or Proclaimers?

Joel Belz (World Magazine, Nov. 25, 1995) wrote: "As Christians take issue with culture, it will most often be the case that our conflicts are with contemporary liberalism, the dominant culture for the last several generations. The agenda in subjects like economics, political theory, feminism, homosexual rights, and environmentalism has been firmly set by liberals who are openly skeptical of biblical truth. That's why the battle confronting Christians will so often be with unbelieving liberals."

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Bennett Speaks Out

William J. Bennett holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the university of Texas and a law degree from Harvard University. He is the author of The Book of Virtues. He wrote recently (Imprimis, November 1995), "The enervation of strong religious beliefs in both our private lives as well as our public conversations ­ has demoralized society. We ignore religion and its lessons at our peril. But instead of according religion its proper place, much of society ridicules and disdains it, and mocks those who are serious about their faith. In America today, the only respectable form of bigotry is bigotry directed against religious believers. This antipathy toward faith cannot be explained by the well­publicized moral failures and financial excesses of a few leaders or charlatans or by the censoriousness of some of their followers. No, the reason for the hatred of faith is because it forces modern man to confront matters he would prefer to ignore."

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Arnold's Comment

Charles A. Arnold of Highland Park, Calif., reacted to an article titled "Christmas" (Firm Foundation, Dec. 1995). He wrote: "I found it [the article] a little short-sighted on condemnation (what about the history of the tree, Saint Nicholas, etc., which the writers have Christians putting in their homes), and long-winded on compromise. Although, I'm sure the revelation from God, which John wrote, told the saints to compromise in the social arena. After all why not offer just a pinch of incense upon the alter? It was for social reasons not spiritual. I think we could call this article an oxymoron. Ho! Ho! Ho! And a Happy New Year."

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For Better, For Worse

Kevin Williams and Timothy Eustace, homosexual men, were "married" last April in Christ Episcopal Church, in Hackensack, NJ, after 17 years together. In 1988 the "couple" adopted a five-week-old baby boy and later the baby's younger brother. Their adopted children were ring-bearers at the wedding (Newsweek, Dec. 11,1995).

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A leading American politician is reported to have told the story about a woman who said she was going to have a baby. She killed a pregnant woman, stabbed to death her 10-year-old daughter, sliced open the dead woman's abdomen, plucked out the healthy baby, abducted the infant, took the eight-year-old son of the dead woman, slashed his throat, and dumped his body in an alley.

The politician said, "This happened in America because for two generations we haven't had the guts to talk about right and wrong. We've talked about situation ethics. We've talked about victimization. We've talked about our needs. We've had soap opera like television shows where people describe disgusting behavior. There's barbarity after barbarity; there's brutality after brutality. And we shake our heads and say, What's gone wrong? What's gone wrong is a welfare system which subsidized people for doing nothing; a criminal system which tolerated drug dealers; an educational system which allows kids to not learn and which rewards tenured teachers who can't teach, while destroying poor children who it traps in a process with no hope. We end up with a drug-addicted underclass with no sense of humanity, no sense of civilization, and no sense of the rules of life."

The politician was criticized.

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Situation Ethics Once Again

Richard Taylor (Free Inquiry, Fall 1995) asks us to "consider the woman who, acting as surrogate for her own daughter, gave birth to triplets generated from her daughter's ova and fertilized in vitro by the daughter's husband's sperm. Whose name should be entered by the obstetrical hospital as the mother of the children? Was this woman the mother of her own grandchildren? And what shall we say to the woman who, exercising her constitutional right to abortion, offers the organs of her as yet unaborted fetus for medical experimentation? Should she be entitled to reimbursement for this?"

Taylor continues, "The impulsive, almost automatic response to such questions is to try to think of what would be right or wrong, to draw analogies to familiar situations in which the answer has already long been established." He then raises the question of "hiring women to become pregnant so we might buy up their aborted fetuses, or, going a step further, buy up their full-term infants to dismantle them for their parts.... We shall not shed light on such problems until we abandon the moralistic approach, which is at bottom, the approach of religion."

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Harvest Sunday

Rubel Shelly's Love Lines (Woodmont Hills Church of Christ weekly bulletin) announced (Nov. 15, 1995): "Please remember that our regular Wednesday evening assemblies ­ both 'Peak of the Week' and children's classes - will be suspended November 22 so we can participate in the Community Thanksgiving Service at Belmont United Methodist Church, 21st Avenue S. at Acklen Ave., at 7 p.m."

Nashville Banner (Nov. 20, 1995), "Belmont United Methodist Church, 21st and Acklen avenues ... will host "a fellowship of churches on Hillsboro Road at 7 p.m.... The Rev. James Buchmann, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church, will deliver the sermon ... members of the fellowship are ... Woodland Church of Christ." Any questions?

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All the News That's Not Fit to Print

Six-year-old Elisa Izquierdo was tortured and murdered last week by her mother, Awilda Lopez, a crack addict and welfare mother, who smashed her daughter's head after complaining that the girl was possessed by voodoo spirits.

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Good News

Television talk show host Phil Donahue has been dropped by stations in New York and San Francisco, fueling industry speculation that he will be cut off the air everywhere within a year. The 59-year-old Donahue, whose syndicated show has been on for 28 years, was always near the top of the ratings until 1992, when Fort Worth dentist Richard B. Neill began a one-man crusade against the content, which ranged from mother-daughter stripper teams to homosexual marriages. Eventually, 221 sponsors contacted by Neill quit advertising on Donahue's show, causing revenues to decline. Neill said Donahue began cleaning up his act last year-which, ironically, caused ratings to fall further in the suddenly flush trash-talk show market (Taking on Donahue and TV Morality, Multnomah, 1994).

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Men Perverting Boys

The North American Man/Boy Love Association was recently approved by the New York Department of State as a legitimate non­profit organization, despite its patent agenda to legalize pedophilia. This new-found status allows NAMBLA to receive charitable donations and taxpayer-financed grants in pursuit of its highly immoral cause.

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Convenience Communion

A small cup with a peel-off lid, like the ones that hold non-dairy creamer in a fast-food restaurant, except this cup is a double-decker. Peel off the top lid and there's a communion wafer; peel off the lower lid and there's a sip of grape juice. Jim Johnson, the CEO of Compak, the company selling the product, says the idea came to him in a vision. Dick Anderson, Compak's VP for sales says, "He really feels God has asked him to do this in hopes of creating a product that would bring more people together in taking of communion" (World, Sept. 16, 1995).

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