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Potpourri, November 1993

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The Firm Foundation is like Old Man River - it just keeps on rolling along. We are determined to follow Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism's dictum about keeping copy "tight, light, bright and (most of all) right." Subscriptions are up. Interest is keen. Religious liberals are in disarray.

  • The sweet, kind, tolerant, permissive, broadminded, non-judgmental liberals in the church have vomited a vicious, scurrilous attack on the reputations of "defenders of the faith." Being unable to contend lawfully on the high-ground of open discussion, they retreat to the low-ground of integrity assassination. They murder characters to kill time. They put two and two together - whether they are or not. They have a sense of rumor. Shakespeare called it "foul whisperings." Shaw said it is "turning an earful into a mouthful." Winchell said it is "the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves nothing unsaid." God said, "Their throat is an open sepulchre; With their tongues they have used deceit: The poison of asps is under their lips."

We invite Royce Money, Carroll Osburn, Darryl Tippens, Andre Resner, Rubel Shelly, Tom Olbricht, Harold Hazelip and such like to meet with us on the summit of Zion and discuss the issues. We are not asking you to come down to the plains of Ono, but to come up to the clear, pure, bright-blue atmosphere of fair and honest discussion. Let's talk about the role of women, the nature of true worship, the virgin birth of Jesus, the one church, and the inerrancy of the Bible. We can also discuss homosexuals and other fornicators. We implore you to stay away from mudslinging and discuss the Bible. We strongly suspect that our answer will be scrutinized silence.

Anyhow, we turn our faces to the future and urgently preach the Word when they like it and when they don't like it, and "contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints." Before God, what else can we do? We thank God for the growing number of saints who acclaim "speaking where the Bible speaks, and being silent where the Bible is silent."

  • Thank you for every word of encouragement. God knows, we need it. The way is weary and long. The sleeping giant must soon awake. Readers say: "The Firm Foundation is like a Wednesday night Bible class - a charge of power in midweek. ... We love the Firm Foundation and those who are responsible for its production. ... Each issue is read with interest. ... Keep up the good work. ... Please renew my subscription. ... My wife and I will continue to pray for your efforts. ... I don't plan to renew my subscription because there is too much negative thinking and articles in the paper. I realize there must be a watchdog. ... I appreciate the work you do in publishing the Firm Foundation. I look forward to receiving it each month. ... Keep up the great work. ... I appreciate so much your responding to the departures from the truth which are taking place at ACU. ... Keep on contending for the faith."

This is a sample of the great volume of mail we receive. Thank you! Thank you! We need all the encouragement we can get! We have lately been splattered with mudballs. Your expressions of appreciation for our sacrificial service are the balm of Gilead for our wounds. The battle is hard, the way is long, but we are confident of "victory in Jesus." Truth will out!

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  • Russell L. Ackoff says,
I once had a brilliant student ... who wrote a highly technical thesis. I asked him to assume that I was an ordinary corporate manager. Would he explain the thesis briefly? He went to the blackboard and begin to cover it with mathematical symbols. I stopped him to remind him that I was an ordinary manager, not a mathematician. After a long pause he said, 'I don't understand what I've done well enough to explain it in nontechnical language.'

Unless people can express themselves in ordinary English, they don't know what they are talking about (Source: Reader's Digest, July 1993).

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Eugene Woodrow Freeze

  • Born September 18, 1912, and departed this world August 19, 1993. He was a faithful and loyal gospel preacher and an elder of the Hillcrest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. He attended Harding College. He will be missed by family and friends but not forgotten.

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  • The American Civil Liberties Union calls the religious right the "re-emergence of a massively ... dangerous political force. ... Their goal? To elect 'pro-family Christians' ... at the state and local levels." The aim of the ACLU is "to prevent discrimination against gay men and lesbians and to preserve the reproductive rights." The ACLU fears the religious right because "they succeeded in making discrimination against gay men and lesbians legal in Colorado." A spokesman for the wild-eyed liberal union said:
What we face today is an energetic ultra-right-wing religious movement ... against the rights of gay people to be free from criminal prosecution and against a woman's right to reproductive choice ... the ACLU must go into courtrooms all across America to block ... attempts to distribute the Bible (Source: a fundraising letter mailed by the ACLU).

These lawyers, like Ephraim, are a "cake not turned." The greatest fear of these baby killers is that people will read and believe the Bible. We ought to be afraid of AIDS. Christians kill no one. AIDS is killing multiplied thousands. Gary L. Jarmin observed:

Virtually all the world's major religions condemn homosexuality as immoral and sinful. ... When the government, however, says 'gay is okay,' it is saying in blunt terms, 'Your religious belief is wrong and we are now going to force you to discard those views and embrace something you find spiritually abhorrent.

Most AIDS victims are sexually-active male homosexuals or drug users employing hypodermic needles. The fallout of this wicked and illegal behavior will come down on the heads of innocent people. Fear AIDS! Fear sodomites and dopers! Fear those who are contaminating America and corrupting our morals ... not Christians!

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  • "Did you go to high school?" (White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers, discussing "sin" taxes, to CNN's Wolf Blitzer, after the reporter asked the difference between beer and wine and hard liquor.)

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  • "Spare us from attempting to build the kingdom of God without the King."

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  • Don Feder (Human Events, Sept. 11, 1993) says that mainline Protestant churches have lobotomized themselves and are in a chronic vegetative state. The latest evidence of an inveterate death wish is the admission of a witch to membership in the Salem (Mass.) Religious Leaders Association. Randy Wilkinson, rector of St. Peter's Episcopal Church says the move is a recognition of a "valid faith tradition." If witchcraft is a "valid faith tradition," what isn't? - the priestess of LA's Church of the Most High Goddess, who says she slept with 2,700 men in "sin-cleansing rituals" (at $100 a throw), the poultry-sacrificing Santeria cult, or L. Ron Humbug's Tabernacle of Extraterrestrials? Mainliners aren't merely tolerant of idolatry; the churches themselves are steeped in paganism. Since the fall of communism, they've turned from liberation theology to a feminist-goddess creed and environmentalist nature worship. At the last assembly of the World Council of Churches, a Presbyterian theologian rejected the "macho warrior God" of the Bible in favor of the Asian goddess Kwan In. John Brown Campbell, head of the National Council of Churches, compares family-values advocates to pre-Civil War apologists for slavery. Paul Sherry, president of the United Churches of Christ, called the gay rights march on Washington, where topless lesbians and male transvestites cavorted on the Mall, a "marvelous moment." A 1990 report by a Presbyterian task force urged setting aside rules restricting sex to marriage for a standard based on "whether the relationship is responsible, the dynamic is genuinely mutual, and the loving full of joyful caring." Typical of those who teach at mainline seminaries is John Spong, Episcopal bishop of Newark, NJ, who denies the Christian concepts of the virgin birth, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and charges the Torah contains a "vicious tribal code of ethics," and pronounces Paul a "self-loathing" homosexual.

That's the drift. If liberal brothers in the churches of Christ continue in the direction of their present ramble, they will be full-fledged members of the mainline Protestant churches in short order.

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Twenty Pentecostals Packed in a Car

  • Newsweek (Sept. 7, 1993) says Vinton, La. police found 20 passengers packed in a car, they were all naked. Sammy Rodriguez, an Assembly of God preacher from Floydada, TX, told police he and his family fled in their four cars because the devil was coming. Along the way they decided their clothes were "possessed" and left them, with three cars that had run out of gas, on the roadside. Squeezing five people in the trunk, they ventured on. When police tried to pull over the curious car, Sammy sped into the woods and struck a tree. Now he faces charges, while his family, having fled from a nearby shelter, is at large in the Louisiana woods.

We wonder if there is much difference in the 20 naked Pentecostals and Rubel Shelly's nutty idea that worship ought to be directed by direct, extra-biblical influence of the Holy Spirit.

The church must be open to the invigorating presence of the Spirit's fresh breezes. ... When the Spirit of God is present, it will not always be possible to determine the atmosphere in advance. Leaders may intend and prepare for a service of one sort, and God may bring about another end to his glory. ... We dare to offer a few suggestions about areas crying out for creative and Spirit-guided attention (The Second Incarnation, pp. 132, 135).

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach unto you any gospel other than that which we preached unto you, let him be anathema" (Gal. 1:8).

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  • New York's Whitney Museum (recipient of $302,000 from U.S. taxpayers) exhibition featured: (1) a 3-foot mound of "synthetic" excrement, (2) a dismembered sculpture of two women having oral sex, (3) a movie (titled A Spy) that portrays Jesus as a woman exposing her breasts, and (4) a film by porn-star, Annie Sprinkle, titled The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshops, or How to Be a Sex Goddess in 101 Easy Steps.

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  • Those most likely to enter therapy are "female, white, educated, well paid and divorced, separated, or never married," according to a study by John Vessey and Kenneth Howard. Dr. Hans Strupp from Vanderbilt University said that "psychotherapy works best for those who need it least." Letters to U. S. News & World Report (June 5, 1993), responding to the article, "Does Therapy Work? include the following remark:
I am convinced psychotherapy and its practitioners will one day be rightfully viewed as soothsayers, fortune tellers, shamans, and astrologers. People will wonder how civilized individuals were naive enough to give such therapy any credence.

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Just for Grins

Publisher Alfred Regnery sent a tongue-in-cheek letter to First Lady Hillary Clinton congratulating her on her work with the Health Care Task Force and suggesting that she look carefully at a new rip-off. "It is my understanding that obscene, I mean, really obscene profits are being made in the barber industry, and, in fact, some people have to pay as much as $200 for a haircut. Why not include such haircuts in the health care plan?"

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