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Potpourri, July 1993

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Kooky, Crackpot, Nutty Feminism on the Loose Homosexuals Are Filthy
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Many of our readers continue to encourage our efforts with words of praise and appreciation. Here are a few recent comments: Enclosed is a subscription check in the amount of $180.00 for the twelve names listed. I enjoy reading the Firm Foundation and I know others that do. ... I enjoyed the article on marriage in the January paper. It was refreshing to see someone get fight to the heart of the issue. ... Your publication is fresh and challenging. The brotherhood needs to awaken from its slumber. ... I came out of the Baptist denomination back in 1957; there isn't anything denominational about me. I left it behind when I learned the truth. ... I appreciate the articles in your paper and am glad there are brethren who still contend earnestly for the faith. ... I continue to enjoy the Firm Foundation and read it through as soon as it comes each month. I appreciate your firm stand for the truth. ... I am enclosing my check in the amount of $30 for a subscription for my two friends. I enjoy the paper so much and think they will too. We need to wake up to the condition of the Lord's church today. ... The Firm Foundation is needed in every Christian home. ... I enjoy the Firm Foundation and your willingness to stand up for the truth. ... I look forward to your editorials. ... Best wishes to you in standing for the truth. ... Thank you for writing articles on homosexuality. ... For 60 years I have been a regular subscriber to the Firm Foundation. Your articles are thorough with scriptural proofs and logical conclusions. I am still asked to preach sometimes, but now it is more from memory. H. Leo Boles taught me to do this. He was the president of Lipscomb in 1931 when I began college there. ... Continue the great work. I receive most of the publications in our brotherhood, and I say sincerely that the Firm Foundation is the best. ... Sad to say, there is not a preacher in this area who preaches anything that could not be preached in any denomination in the city. ... We are in a "watered-down" social congregation. Your paper is a source of strength to me. ... I let my subscription expire. Will you please take me back? ... I really don't know the status of my subscription but sure don't want a lapse. Enclosed is $28 for what I deem to be the best publication among Christians today.

That, of course, is music to our ears. We hope you enjoy reading these comments as much as we enjoy receiving them.

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Kooky, Crackpot, Nutty

  • The Nashville Tennessean, April 10, 1993, reported some Methodist tomfoolery. Ray Waddel reported:
    Easter is one big joke to Edgehill Methodist Church - in fact, the ultimate prank, God's laugh at Satan's expense, so worshippers will get silly in Jesus' name tomorrow ... Michael Russell, an Edgehill member ... said, 'We'll have dancing, impromptu musical instruments, a seven-member dance group from the church called 'The Seven Deadly Sins,' and a few people have been designated to bring their best jokes to tell.'
  • Whoopi Goldberg would surely approve such antics. Those who think the proper pattern for worshipping God is found in the movie Sister Act, instead of the book of Acts, will be delirious. Maybe they can plan an incoherent and hysterical service next year. It would surely get us away from "our sometimes stuffy worship experiences." Do you reckon the baby boomers will come? The stick-in-the-mud members who resist transition and change will no doubt object. They object to everything. We can hear them now still saying, "Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name ... for thine is the honor, and power, and glory for ever and ever. Amen."

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Feminism on the Loose

  • David Horowitz reported in the January 1993 issue of The American Spectator,
    No sooner had radical feminists grasped the revolutionary laurel, however, than the hierarchy of the oppressed asserted itself within the revolutionary ranks. Bisexual activists claimed a more revolutionary status than comrades who were straight; lesbians rebelled, 'Heterosexual sex,' complained a lesbian theorist (and former Trotskyite) 'is a site for male dominance that Marx ignored . ... To establish their primacy in the revolutionary pecking order, radicals came up with a catchy slogan: Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice. Catherine MacKinnon turned this into academese: 'If feminism is the epistemology, ... lesbianism is the ontology.'
    At the recent tenth anniversary conference of the National Council for Research for Women, its feminist president cited the term unwed mother as an example of 'androcentric' bias because it presupposes that the norm is to be a wed mother.

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Homosexuals Are Filthy

  • In his authoritative history of the AIDS epidemic, author Randy Shilts describes homosexual attitudes on the eve of the outbreak:
    Gay men were being washed by tide after tide of increasingly serious infections. First it was syphilis and gonorrhea. Gay men made up about 80 percent of the 70,000 annual patient visits to [San Francisco's] VD clinics. Easy treatment had imbued them with such a cavalier attitude toward venereal diseases that many gay men saved their waiting-line numbers, like little tokens of desirability, and the clinic was considered an easy place to pick up both a shot and a date.
  • Edmund White, co-author of The Joy of Gay Sex, proposed that "gay men should wear their sexually transmitted diseases like red badges of courage in a war against a sex-negative society." Michael Callen, a gay youth present at the meeting, had already had 3,000 sexual partners and was shortly to come down with AIDS. He writes in his book, Surviving AIDS, that when he heard White's triumphant defiance of nature's law, he thought: "Every time I get the clap I'm striking a blow for the sexual revolution."
  • Don Francis, the Center for Disease Control official in charge of fighting the hepatitis B epidemic, said: "We didn't intervene because we felt that it would be interfering with an alternative lifestyle."
  • Horowitz reports:
    In the early eighties, the AIDS epidemic was still confined to three cities with large homosexual communities. Aggressive public health methods might have prevented the epidemic's outward spread. But every effort to take normal precautionary measures was thwarted in turn by the political juggernaut the gay liberation movement had managed to create. Under intense pressure from gay activists, the director of public health of the City of San Francisco refused to close bathhouses, maintaining that they were valuable centers of 'education' about AIDS even though their only purpose was to facilitate promiscuous sex.
  • When officials tried to institute screening procedures for the nation's blood banks and asked the gay community not to make donations while the epidemic persisted, gay leaders opposed this action as infringing on the "right" of homosexuals to give blood. The result of these revolutionary attitudes was to spread AIDS among hemophiliacs and some heterosexuals.
  • Homosexuals are not nice people. They are sometimes vicious. Is it any wonder that all responsible military leaders vigorously oppose lifting the ban on homosexuals in the military? Parents ought to insist that homosexuals not be invited to the public school room to teach the children that queer behavior is normal - even fun.
  • Note: the term gay-bashing is often used by homosexual advocates to include verbal abuse or just saying anything negative about homosexuals or homosexuality. The Firm Foundation will doubtless be accused of homophobia -- but we consider the source.
  • Here are some sodomite organizations:
    • NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association, who believe that engaging in sex with children is a wonderful thing).
    • NLGJA (National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. It has 12 chapters and 600 members. Its purpose: to influence the media to favor homosexuals).

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  • Washington Watch says media bias has never been clearer than in the coverage of abortion. The press has imposed a virtual blackout on the horrible evidence of abortion's barbarism. The dread daily toll can have numbing effect, but we are shocked, jolted by the ghastly new late-tern technique called Dilation and Extraction. Reported in cold-blooded detail by its "inventor," Martin Haskell, at a recent convention of the National Abortion Federation, "D & X" involves stabbing the unborn child at the base of the skull while still in the womb and sucking out the brains with a catheter. This causes the skull to collapse and makes the rest of the extraction easier.
  • Family Research Council says,
    The new administration has made it clear that it will attempt to force taxpayers once again to pay for abortions. ... If President Clinton has his way, those of us who believe abortion is the taking of innocent human life will be forced to pay, with our hard earned money, for what we abhor.

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World Council of Churches

  • The February Reader's Digest details the World Council of Churches' (WCC) involvement in revolution. The WCC, according to the publication, which has scored the world ecumenical organization before, was infiltrated by Marxists and had KGB operatives serving in its highest councils before the fall of Communism. The line taken by the WCC was often more orthodox Marxist and less often orthodox Christian. The WCC experienced a loss of stature and decreased funding following highly critical articles in Reader's Digest in 1971 and 1982. This time, the world body's top brass reacted before the issue hit the streets in an attempt to counteract the bad publicity. Branding the story a distortion, the WCC called it "old news."

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Announcements of interest

  • The Spring, Texas, church announces the appointment of David Brown to work with Al Brown in several important programs. The two Browns will direct a Greater Houston Firm Foundation Lectureship June 20-23, 1993. This will be an annual event.
  • The Bybee Branch church, McMinnville, Tenn., will have its annual Bible lectureship Aug. 4-8, 1993.

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