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Potpourri, April 1993

religion, articles, christianity
Announcement Everything's Coming Up Queer
A Wedding Flub Take Note
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Flash! Flash! Flash! Gambling
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The Firm Foundation is continuing to grow. We are expanding our subscription base at a rate of more than 500 new readers each month. Like love among the disciples of Jesus, it needs to abound yet more and more. We thank you for your valuable help.

Readers from all across the nation write with such comments as these: "We are pleased to see the type material contained in the Firm Foundation ... We look forward to each issue ... Best wishes for continued success ... Keep up the excellent work ... The timeliness of your articles is appreciated ... You all are to be commended for the fine work you are doing ... Please continue to remain true to the old paths ... You are doing a great work for the cause of Jesus ... May the Lord bless you with good health... Keep the paper coming ... Here is my check to renew my subscription ... I enjoy reading your paper and appreciate the talented and godly men who write the articles ... Your recent article, "They've Gone Too Far" was superb ... (Andre Resner's article) is the most sickening and ridiculous thing I have ever heard, especially coming from a professor at ACU. Where is the board of directors of ACU? ... I could not put the paper down until I finished reading it ... I know our Lord said pray for them that have the rule over you, but believe you me, it's not easy for me to pray for Bill Clinton...... Enough! Enough! Some may get the wrong idea and think we are blowing our own horn.

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The Meadowlark Avenue Church of Christ, 2810 Meadowlark Ave., Fort Collins, Colorado, is to celebrate its 25th anniversary August 14-15, 1993. The church was established in 1968. All former members and all other Christians are invited. For more information call (303) 223-7788.

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A Wedding Flub

Jennifer Kay Money, the daughter of the president of ACU, married Don Crisp, the son of the chairman of the board at ACU. The wedding took place in the First Christian Church building at Abilene.

We wonder why the couple did not marry in one of the many beautiful buildings owned by the brethren, like the ACU chapel, for instance. They could have easily had the most beautiful music this side of heaven ... provided by the Abilene Christian College Chorus. The father of the bride approved the arrangement, as was indicated when he performed the ceremony. Sounds like the president and the chairman are making a statement.

The president of the school and especially the trustees should remember the words of Thomas Jefferson: "When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property."

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Gimme Gimme Gimme

Marvin Olasky, a journalism professor at the University of Texas, has written a book: The Tragedy of American Compassion. Dr. Olasky says, "A lot of the war on poverty has failed because it's really a war against God." Olasky went underground and assumed the identity of a homeless person. While eating lunch at a church, he asked one of the workers for a Bible. "A bagel?" she replied. He repeated the request and was told we "don't have any Bibles."

"The undeserving poor need a kick in the pants, rather than a pat on the back," Olasky said. Any able-bodied person with "good values can get out of poverty" (Quoted in Human Events, January 2, 1993).

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Some Queer Information

Homosexual activists are serving in nearly every branch of the Clinton/Gore transition team and, according to The Blade, include David Geffen, a recording industry executive who handles economic issues; Chai Feldblum, a civil rights attorney who specializes in Justice Department issues; and Dennis Maust, who trains astronauts and has been working on space issues. Homosexual activists are especially enthusiastic about Donna Shalala, named to be the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Blade notes that Shalala "has established herself as a supporter of equal rights for gays and people with AIDS."

Of special concern to the homosexual-activists is the trend toward passing anti-special rights initiatives such as occurred in Colorado this past November. David Mixner, another openly homosexual advisor says, "This has the potential of bleeding us dry."

Conservative constitutional scholar Bruce Fein predicted that if President Clinton successfully lifts the ban on homosexuals in the military "it would make it easier for liberals to alter the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include homosexuals, which would, in turn, open the door to same-sex marriages."

Scene: The presidential receiving line at the post-inaugural White House Open House. A young man put out his hand to Bill Clinton and said, "My name is Dennie Layton. This is my husband, Joshua." If Clinton thought anything was out of the ordinary, he didn't indicate it, shaking hands warmly with both men.

Obscene: Roberta Achtenberg, a San Francisco gay-rights activist and former member of the city council and an open lesbian, has been picked by Clinton to be the Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. If confirmed by the Senate, she will be in charge of enforcing our nation's housing and anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action requirements. According to Associated Press, Miss Achtenberg currently lives with her "partner," Mary Morgan, presiding judge of the San Francisco Municipal Court.

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Flash! Flash! Flash!

Teddy Kennedy has agreed to serve as the chief sponsor of the Senate gay rights bill. The original sponsor, Alan Cranston (D, Calif.), did not run for re-election last year. Kennedy made the announcement of his intention to lead the gay right's fight at a Washington gala sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. (Source: Human Events, January 3 0, 1993).

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More Queer Stuff

The December issue of American Spectator reports a Washington homosexual rodeo called "The Atlantic Stampede." One T-shirt read, "Queers on Steers." Other homosexuals protested, holding signs reading, "Don't Be A Mean Queen!" and "Queers Don't Let Queers Bash Animals."

Sandy Hume, the American Spectator columnist, wrote,

No event in modem times, it seems, can successfully avoid the wrath of protesters ... A small but vocal collection of homosexual animal rights activists, from organizations like the 'Gay and Lesbian Animal Rights Caucus' and the 'Eco Dykes' (no kidding) stood outside the entrance and chanted, 'Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!'

Other signs read, "Gay boys say whoa to rodeo!" "Only sissies abuse animals." and "Hey Dyke! Hey Queen! Rodeo is Obscene!"

"Indifferent to the cries of their indignant brethren," Hume wrote, "2,000 rodeo-goers filed into the arena." They were welcomed by Miss International Gay Rodeo 1992. "Wearing a long, white dress and heels, she stood about 6'2" and had a voice as deep as James Earl Jones's. She wasn't bad-looking, really, just in need of a shave."

The vending tent had the T-shirts (others read, "He's Not My Boyfriend, He's My Ride," and "If you rope me, you can ride me," and one had a picture of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, clad only in underwear, embracing one another and grinning broadly). The Clinton-Gore campaign had a prominent display with buttons and bumper stickers. Corporate sponsors included Pepsi and Dodge/Chrysler. Rep. Gerry Studds sent his regards in a letter.

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase bum steer, doesn't it?

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Everything's Coming Up Queer

Bob Krueger (D, TX) was appointed as interim U.S. Senator to fill Lloyd Bentson's seat and, according to openly gay state senator Glen Maxey of Austin, has hired gays for the staff of the Texas Railroad Commission and supports in principle a federal civil rights bill with protection for homosexuals.

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Take Note

"The Challenge is to say something uniquely Christian," according to a Lilly Endowment study which shows churches losing out when it comes to attracting people aged 33-42. "Pews will get emptier," says the study, "unless the churches stop diluting the Christian message and preaching relativistic theology."

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William Safire wrote,

Politicians push state-sponsored gambling to bilk the poor while publishers back lotteries ... The truth is that nothing is for nothing. Hard work, talent, merit will win you something. Reliance on luck, playing the sucker, will make you a loser all your life (Conservative Chronicle, January 27, 1993, p. 6).

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Nutty Goings-On

A prime example of lunacy could be found at the June 1992 UN Earth Summit in Brazil. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and the Global Forum "people's summit" featured a melding of pagan aboriginal rites, ecobabble, and ecumenical hodgepodge of spiritual tenets from East and West to form an incoherent universal "faith."

In his opening address to the LTNCED plenary session, Earth Summit Secretary-Geneml Maurice Strong directed the world's attention to the Declaration of the Sacred Earth, which was part of the pre-Summit ceremonies. "The changes in behavior and direction called for here," said Strong, "must be rooted in our deepest spiritual, moral, and ethical values." According to the declaration,

The [ecological] crisis transcends all national, religious, cultural, social, political and economic boundaries .... The responsibility of each human being today is to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light .... We must, therefore, transform our attitudes and values and adopt a renewed respect for the superior laws of Divine Nature.

Delegates and members of the news media were encouraged to refer to the Rio Declaration and the 800page blueprint for government action known as Agenda 21 as "sacred texts." Senator Al Gore (now vice-president Gore), who led the U. S. Senate delegation to Rio, reiterated his call for a new spiritual relationship between man and earth. Shirley McLaine dropped in to lend the goofy rambling of her psychic spirituality to the conference. A centerpiece of the Global Forum opening ceremony was the Viking ship, Gaia, named for the Greek goddess of earth.

At the culmination of the program, a group calling itself the "Sacred Drums of the Earth" struck up a solemn cadence. The ceremony program said that the drummers would "maintain a continuous heartbeat near the official site of the Earth Summit as part of a ritual for the healing of our Earth to be felt by those who are deciding Earth's fate." Jimmy Cliff sang "The Rivers of Babylon" to close the ceremony.

On the eve of the opening of UNCED, a midnight to-dawn homage to the "Female Planet" was held on Leme Beach. After dancing all night, the worshipers followed a Brazilian tribal high priestess to the water's edge, where they offered flowers and fruits to "Iemanje, mae orixa, mother of the powers, queen of the seas," and then invoked the blessings of the sea goddess upon the summit's deliberations.

Uri Marinov, Israel's Minister of the Environment, issued a New Ten Commandments on Environment and Development. No one bothered to ask him what was wrong with the original Ten Commandments. As we recall, the first commandment states: "I am the Lord thy God .... Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

There were also "Christian" participants in the summit celebrations. Ministers from the World Council of Churches could be found among the cymbal-clanging Hare Krishnas, diapered swamis, saffron-robed gurus, and witch doctors in loincloths. But they were there because of their affinity for an ecumenical spirit that promotes a blend of Christianity and paganism (Source: The New American, October 19, 1992, pp. 27-28.)

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but prove the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

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