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Potpourri, December 1992

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Brown Trail Public Discussion Southern Christian University News
Church Established in Albania Nigeria Benton Baugh Questions ACU
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Brown Trail

The Brown Trail School of Preaching is entering into its twenty-eighth year of operation. Brown Trail has graduated in excess of 200 men who are now preaching throughout the world. The school began in 1965 under the direction of Roy Deaver. Today Dave Miller directs the school. Gary Fallis, Johnny Ramsey, and Don Simpson serve as regular faculty of the school. They are assisted by Charles Hill, Richard Massey, Gary Workman, Toney Smith, and Robert Dodson, all of whom preach in the Fort Worth area. Forty-eight courses are studied during the two-year program. Twenty-three students are now studying at Brown Trail.

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Public Discussion

J. T. Smith, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Olan Hicks, Searcy, Arkansas, will discuss the biblical teaching on marriage, divorce, and remarriage. The discussion will be held in the meeting house of the West End Church of Christ, 1609 Parkside Drive, Bowling Green, Kentucky. The dates are November 30, December 1, 3, and 4. Each session will begin at 7 P.M. with three alternating twenty-minute speeches.

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Southern Christian University News

Willard Collins, president-emeritus of David Lipscomb University in Nashville, has been named to Southern Christian University's Board of Regents, said SCU President, Rex Turner, Jr.

"We are honored that brother Collins has consented to be on our Board of Regents. His extensive background in facets of higher education will be a major asset to Southern Christian University," said Turner.

One of the church's leading evangelists and educational leaders, Collins has spent most of his life preaching and teaching in Nashville.

Southern Christian University is a theological school affiliated with churches of Christ, located in Montgomery, Alabama. The twenty-year-old graduate school trains ministers and church workers and has an extensive off-campus program. It is well known for its work in the former Soviet Union in which its faculty teaches theological classes in the university system.

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Church Established in Albania

Thirty-four personal workers spent from three weeks to two months in Tirana, Albania, studying with over three hundred. The result was the establishment of the church in this country which their dictator has called "The Nation Without God." Dick Ady reports 27 baptisms. There are over 100 visitors at each Sunday service. Bill McDonough said, "Hundreds have come begging to study, and we now have a list of over one thousand names and addresses of people on the waiting list." Teachers are needed. If you are interested, contact P.O. Box 150, Little Rock, AR 72203, or phone (501) 374-5761 for details.

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Elton Holden reports:

One of my Nigerian converts, Jacob U. Nwachi, went to Umu-Okeke, in Abia State, and held a four-day debate with the 'pastor' 6f the Apostolic Christian Church Mission. The 'pastor' called on his 'senior pastor' to complete the debate on the one true church. When the 'senior pastor' could not continue, Jacob Nawchl began preaching, he said, as did the apostles in Jerusalem at Pentecost. At 8:45 p.m. some cried out, 'Will you take us to the stream and baptize us now?' He answered, 'Yes, of course.' He was surprised when 70 of the 150 members of the Apostolic Christian Church demanded baptism for the remission of their sins.

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Benton Baugh Questions ACU

In a private letter to an employee of Abilene Christian University (ACU) Benton Baugh said,

Additionally, the front page of the Optimist of August 28 refers to Opening Chapel. It says that ACU granted an honorary doctorate to Boone Powell, Jr., a Baptist. I listened and read the article and could find no indication that Boone Powell, Jr., had ever entered a church of Christ or provided any support to Abilene Christian University. He is just a fine fellow, as near as I can tell. Assuming this to be true, what business does ACU have granting honorary degrees to a Baptist? What are we trying to teach our kids by this practice? I thought it to be ironic that at a Christian college a Methodist was the writer and editor of an official school newspaper article talking about giving an honorary degree to a Baptist.
Additionally, at opening chapel, the presidents of the local Baptist college and local Methodist college were introduced to the students as honored guests. Does this not communicate that they are O.K. in what they teach the kids also?
Additionally, during the middle of the opening chapel service, instrumental music accompaniment was used with the singing. Does the fact that it was only used with patriotic-type songs in the middle of chapel justify it or is this just desensitizing the kids to the problems of instrumental music? Isn't chapel a worship service as surely as Wednesday night church service? This situation could be clarified by simply having an opening school ceremony instead of an opening chapel service.

The Firm Foundation comments: Whitewash will not conceal the ugly black of an institution in stark violation of its charter, having lost its direction and unwilling to keep faith with the multiplied thousands who have sacrificed to create it. Where is the Board of Directors? The school needs some direction!

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