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Stonebrook church of Christ

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Stonebrook church of Christ

7701 Stonebrook
Frisco, TX 75034
Preacher: Joe Fitch


Sunday Bible Class9:00 a.m.
Worship10:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Class7:30 p.m.

Located half way between Preston Rd & Dallas Tollway in Frisco, Texas.

Welcome to Stonebrook Church of Christ...

- where worship is in the simple spirit of the first century - where the Bible is the authority in everything - where Christians do Godís work in Godís way - where people care for each other


  • Glenn Henderson
  • Chris Fitch
  • Joe Fitch


  • Joe Fitch

Who We Are

We are Christians

We claim no other identity ---have no denominational affiliations. We are common, everyday people serving God in the spirit of the New Testament.

We are sinners

We all have a past as sinners. We also have a common forgiveness by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus. We live a new life in Christ. We live differently than we did before becoming Christians. We all still struggle with weakness and sin. Sometimes we fail. We try again and rely on Godís continued mercy to forgive.

We worship God

We stand in awe of God Ė and openly express it in our worship. Sunday mornings we:
  • Observe the Lordís Supper remembering Jesus and what he did to redeem us.
  • Sing many songs of praise and thanksgiving.
  • Pray often honoring God and calling on Him.
  • Honor God by listening to Him as scripture is read.
  • Bring to Him a free will offering of thanksgiving from His abundant blessings on us.

We submit to Jesus as Lord

All of us have confessed --- do confess --- that Jesus is Lord. He is our king and He absolutely rules over us. For us, His will is the last word in everything. We are committed to accept His judgment in all things.

We accept the Bible as our inspired creed

We have no other creed. The bible is inspired by God --- penned by men but dictated in every detail by God. It is free of errors as only an inspired book can be. The Bible alone reveals Godís will for all of us.

We are Bible centered

We diligently study the Bible. Our assemblies include Bible discourses. Classes on Sunday and Wednesday are characterized by detailed study of Bible texts and subjects. Monday and Tuesday evenings, there are very informal studies --- a group for men and a group for women each evening.

We are growing

We are not full grown spiritually. Some are more mature than others. Some are spiritual babies --- just starting out as Christians. All aim to mature into people who mirror the image of Jesus. We all work to that end.

We care

We take seriously the Lordís instruction to ďlove one another.Ē We learn to ďweep with those who weep and to rejoice with those who rejoice.Ē We intend to address each otherís needs --- whatever they are.

We have an open door

We delight in people joining us for worship or study. There is a place reserved for you.