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Olive St. church of Christ

religion, articles, christianity

Olive St. church of Christ

420 N. Olive St.
Mexico, MO 65265
Preacher: A. Dean Gittings Jr.
email: [email protected]


Sunday Bible Class9:30 a.m.
Worship10:30 a.m. 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Class7:00 p.m.

We want to give you a warm invitation to the church of Christ that meets in Mexico, MO. We follow the old paths and out teaching is only Bible.

Our Evangelist: A. Dean Gittings Jr. a graduate of MSOP.

We have an answering machine at the church and the number is 573-581-6158, for internet safety reasons, this is the only phone listing, use our email address to contact us.