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Iglesia de Cristo

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Iglesia de Cristo

Viesca No. 119
San Pedro, Coahuila, Mexico 27000
Preacher: Francisco Carrillo Lugo


Sunday Bible Class10:00 a.m.
Worship11:00 a.m. 18:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Class17:00 p.m.

San Pedro Church of Christ was one of the first congregations in Mexico. In 1947 we had a building with a capacity of 200. Felix Carrillo began the work and was supported by churches in Abilene, Texas.

The preachers in the congregation have been: Felix Carrillo, Josue Carrillo, Isaias Carrillo, Ernesto Lomas, and now Francisco Carrillo, Sr.

The congregation has 40 members and has established other congregations.

Please visit us when you come to Mexico.

God bless you.