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Disregard for What Life?

By Irene C. Taylor

religion, articles, christianity

In the December 20, 1995, edition of the Commercial Appeal was an article entitled, Puppy's Killer Gets 9 Years in Prison. The article told of an incident in Miami, Florida, of a man who killed a puppy because its barking woke him up. His method of execution was cruel. "Allen Laboy showed total disregard for life when he slammed the 2­month­old puppy's head on a sidewalk on August 4, 1994." Circuit Judge Stanford Blake said, "Laboy blamed his actions on cocaine and alcohol. He was sentenced to five years for cruelty to animals."

The June 6, 1996, Commercial Appeal carried an item from Reuters News Service dateline London. VIA drug company will hand over 10 laboratory rats to an animal rights group instead of tossing them into an incinerator.

The rats, dubbed the 'Crawley 10' had been destined for the incinerator after Swedish­American Pharmacia­Upjohn closed its plant in the south England town. But a campaign by an animal rights group obtained a reprieve for the rats. This unprecedented decision is an important advance for animal rights in this country, campaigner Richard Tassell said.
The handover will take place Friday in a discreet ceremony at the defunct Crawley plant, after which the animals will be distributed to their new 'godparents,' a press release said.

Society battles to save the rats while at the same time killing the unborn and nearly born children!

A stiff penalty is given to anyone who kills an eagle. When the Make­A­Wish Foundation arranged for a terminally ill boy to travel to Alaska to hunt bear, the animal rights activists rose up in holy horror. When fur coats go on sale, demonstrations against the killing of animals protest with force. Some activists even censure the killing of animals for food. (Wonder how long it will be before someone objects to the killing of plants for food!)

Every year thousands of babies are aborted because they are unwanted. Legally millions have been murdered since the infamous Roe vs. Wade. No punishment is meted out because the Supreme Court has said this is okay. After all, it is only a human fetus! And surely it should be the mother's right to choose to kill the baby.

Kevorkian has assisted terminally ill and elderly people to kill themselves. He sets the scene for them to do the deed, but he is guilty of assisted murder.

Nonetheless, he has been acquitted each time he has been brought to trial.

Disrespect for life? But just whose life is being disrespected? Respect is certainly not extended to human life! We are now reaping the fruit of years of cultivating evolution and humanism in our educational system. How long will it be before America wakes up to the fact that we have lost sight of the meaning of life? How long before Bible believers unite in a move to restore respect for human life?

"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people" (Prov. 14:34). History shows that the quickest way to destroy a nation is to kill belief in God and promote disrespect for human life. America is on her way.

Published April 1997