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Robert Herman Knox (1916 ­ 1997)

By Noble Patterson

religion, articles, christianity

Robert Herman Knox, 80, of Burnet, Texas, died February 3, 1997. He had endured various forms of cancer for several years and was in Seton Hospital in Austin at the time of his passing. His wife, Jesse, and other family members were at his bedside. He was a veteran of World War II and a retired General Motors Automobile Dealer and rancher. He was a native of Keller, Texas.

Possibly few men knew Brother Herman Knox more intimately than I. We first met at a Sunday afternoon singing at the Riverside Church of Christ in Fort Worth over 50 years ago. From then until his death our friendship grew and the bond of fraternal love was strengthened day by day. Brother Knox was a true man of God, a great singer, effective Bible teacher and was faithful to the end.

I have never known a finer man than Herman Knox. He was a Christian gentleman of the highest sort. Clean in life. He was honorable and upright in his dealings with his fellowman. I believe it to be impossible that he could have been otherwise.

His gracious and engaging smile, genuine cordiality, quick forgiveness, and steadfast loyalty, his everlasting faith and his abiding and devoted love for God, Christ, the church and his fellowman, was known to thousands. He had many friends.

For several years we served together as elders in the same congregation in Fort Worth. He had a clear understanding of the church and a clear understanding of the gospel. I observed his sincere love for the Lord and I was aware of his love for the brethren. It was deep and abiding. I found him to be wise in counsel, calm under difficulties, patient and kind and totally honest. In the social circle, he was genial ant considerate. It was a pleasure to be in his presence.

Brother Knox was knowledgeable in the sacred scriptures. Before a class or in the pulpit, he manifested a gentle dignity that was impressive. He stood squarely upon God's Word, and with him "a thus saith the Lord" was the end of all controversy.

Herman was approaching the evening of life with the prospect of a peaceful old age. But he has departed "to be with Christ" and according to the terms of his faith ... and ours ... "it is far better." It was a privilege to call him brother.

Funeral services were held on Wednesday, February 5, 1997 at the Vanderveer Church of Christ in Burnet with brethren Billy Balke, Rod Tate, and Noble Patterson officiating. Burial was in the nearby Oatmeal Cemetery at which time his grandson, Damon Daughtery, made a brief talk.

Though gone, the memory lingers to sweeten and bless loved ones left behind.

Published July 1997