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Edward J. Craddock Passes
Evangelist - Church of Christ - 1906 - 1993

By Ray A. Dillard

religion, articles, christianity

Brother Edward J. Craddock, 87, died at his home at 4701 Lebanon Road in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 22, 1993. The funeral service was held January 26. Steve Hale, local preacher with the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ, and two long-time preacher friends, Charles Davis and Ray Dillard, conducted the funeral. lie was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Ann Hayes Craddock, a faithful companion in the later years of his life.

Edward began preaching at age 17 at the 12th Avenue congregation in Nashville. He preached for years all over the United States and Canada. Thousands were baptized, congregations were started, and untold number of young people were encouraged to leadership in the church. Only four times did he pause to do local work: Chicago, St. Louis, Portsmouth, Ohio, and Nashville. He held over 100 Gospel meetings in Nashville alone. He was a member of the Civitans and delivered messages to hundreds of high school students.

In 1967 brother Craddock created and published The Christ Emphasis New Testament. For the last few years he had been editing the work of dozens of qualified and faithful brethren for The Christ Emphasis Bible. He finished the editorial work and got it ready for publication before he died.

Truly a great preacher and writer has passed from among us.

Published May 1993