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Asleep in Jesus

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James D. Willeford died the night of August 3, 1992. Though dead he yet lives, because Jesus is the resurrection and the life. His father died when James Willeford was nine years old, and his mother died when he was twelve. James moved to Boles Home at Quinlan, Texas, and lived there until he graduated from high school and went away to college. He attended West Texas State College and finished his studies at Freed-Hardeman in Henderson, Tennessee, and at Abilene Christian College.

While Willeford was preaching in Paducah, Kentucky, he met and later married the charming Marguerite Perkins. It is said theirs was a mail-order romance, which began when James sent Marguerite a card and a copy of the Firm Foundation.

Brother Willeford accomplished far more in his lifetime than the average man is able to achieve. James Willeford was above average. While doing mission work in Madison, Wisconsin, Willeford presented a daily radio program. He teamed up with James Walter Nichols, and their quality radio program was the beginning of what is now known as Herald of Truth. At the time of his death brother Willeford served as an elder at the 5th and Grape Street church in Abilene.

James D. Willeford is survived by his wife and his children, James Hardeman Willeford, Glenn Willeford, Roger Floyd Heigesen, and his daughter Ann Denise.

He was a man of iron and good judgment. His successes were far more than his failures. He has reached the prize for which he labored all his days on earth. We are sad to see him go from us, but we do not mourn as those who are without hope. Let us so live that we may one day sit down with him in a glory-land where "scenes of bliss forever new rise in succession to our view."

Published October 1992