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The Churches of Christ in Ghana

By Dan McVey

religion, articles, christianity

Ghana is a nation in West Africa with a population of about 16 million people. It is well known because of its rich African culture and the leadership it provides among the developing counties of the world. Ghana is known in our brotherhood because the people there are receptive to the Gospel.

The history of the churches of Christ in Ghana began in 1957 with the conversion of brother Gaidoo. Jerry Reynolds and Dwayne Davenport were Ghana's first American missionaries. They came to Ghana in 1961. The church is evangelistic. It has established preacher training schools and conducted many successful Gospel meetings. The church is also known for its benevolence. There has been steady growth.

Many Ghanaian church leaders are well-known: Samuel Obeng, Daniel Ampadu Asiamah, Christian Nsoah, John Tamalkoe, Frank Nortey, Ken Kesse, Sammy Dzamesi. We have approximately 600 congregations with an active membership of about 45,000.

One encouraging aspect of the church in Ghana is its influence on other countries. Senegal, Gambia, Guines, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Gabon, Lybia, and Belgium have been helped in evangelism by Ghanaian Christians.

The church in Ghana needs your prayers. Ghana is struggling with a political transition from 11 years of military rule to a democratically elected government. Pray that peace will prevail and resulting stability will allow evangelism to continue and intensify,

Many projects in Ghana could use financial help. Zeal and manpower are there, but money is needed. Several Churches in America have patiently worked with Ghanaian churches through the years with good results. There are many evangelistic opportunities.

The work in Ghana continues with doors of opportunity opening daily. Pray that faith will not waver, eyes will not move from ripened fields, and that challenges will become opportunities.

Published July 1993