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By Elton Holden

religion, articles, christianity

Is it later than we think? There is currently (October 1992) a bill in the United States Senate, Number 574, and a House companion bill, H.R. 1430 that, if passed, would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This bill would prohibit discrimination on the basis of affectional or sexual orientation.

This means, among other things, that:

  • A man who "marries" another man, or any same sex affiliation parading as a marriage, will have the identical marital rights as you and your spouse, including the right to adopt children. (The proposed new law requires full recognition of same-sex "marriages.")
  • Children would be taught in schools that homosexuality is a constitutional civil right and a valid life-style.
  • It would be unlawful to oppose homosexuality on radio, television, newspapers, and magazines, or any medium coming under federal license and regulation or using the post office for distribution.
  • Under some circumstances the church may be forced to hire homosexuals.
  • Federal housing laws would protect homosexuals.
  • Homosexuals would have the protection of federal employment regulations and, under some circumstances, employers may be forced to hire a certain number of admitted homosexuals (those in the closet would not count).
  • The Attorney General of the United States would be forced to prosecute at tax payers' expense any person accused of violating the civil rights of homosexuals.

We need to act now! We need to be sure that our state and national leaders understand the gravity of the situation and are postured to vigorously oppose this legislation on moral grounds. We need to write letters to editors of newspapers and magazines. We need to call our elected officials and demand they vote against the passage of this amendment to the Civil Rights Statute. We need to write to our congressmen and senators opposing this amendment. We need to organize opposition to this legislation. Christians should vote against every candidate who is for passing laws to protect and promote homosexuality and for the candidates for public office who are against such laws.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah!

(Editor's comment: Upon receiving brother Holden's timely article I called him to understand the source of his information. He learned of the pending legislation through a bulletin distributed b the Porterville church in California. I then contacted Congressman Bill Archer and Senator Phil Gramm and requested copies of the proposed legislation. I have painstakingly studied the language of the two bills and the conclusions given in the Holden article are correct. In addition every child of God should be alarmed at the prospect of extending the protection and benefits of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to homosexuals. This is a moral consideration of immense proportions and presents weighty and dreadful consequences for the church and the nation. Our editorials for the next several months will be devoted to a study of the problem, beginning with this issue of the paper - H. A. (Buster) Dobbs )

For Your Further Information

Senate bill to amend the 1964 Civil Rights Statute to include "affectional or sexual orientation" was introduced by Senator Cranston of California and co-sponsored by the following Senators: Mr. Kerry, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Moynihan, Mr. Inouye, Mr. Pell, Mr. Chafee, Mr. Simon, and Mr. Akaka.

The House Bill was introduced by Representative Theodore S. (Ted) Weiss (D) of New York, and co-sponsored by Mr. Waxman (D), Mr. Shays (D), Mr. Atkins (D), Mr. Yates (D), Ms. Pelosi (D), Mr. Berman (D), Mr. Moody (D), Mrs. Schroeder (D), Mr. McDermott (D), Mr. Lehman (D) of Florida, Mr. Matsui (D), Mr. Edwards (D) of California, Mr. Udall (D), Mr. Roybal (D), Mr. Green (D) of New York, Mr. Frank (D) of Massachusetts, Mr. Miller (D) of California, Mr. Marazek (D), Mr. Rangel (D), Mr. Dellums (D), Mr. Gejdenson (D), Mr. Studds (D), Mrs. Collins (D) of Illinois, Mr. Levine (D) of California, Mrs. Unsoeld (D), Mr. Schumer (D), Mr. Clay (D), Mr. Lews (D) of Georgia, Mrs. Morella (D), Mrs. Boxer (D), Mr. Kostmayer (D), Mr. Dixon (D), Mr. Washington (D), Mr. Stark (D), Mr. Kennedy (D), Mr. Hayes (D) of Illinois, Mr. Beilenson (D), Mr. Wheat (D), Mr. Evans (D). Mr DeFazio (D), Mr. Foglietta (D), Mr. AuCoin (D), Mr. Towns (D), Mr. Owens (D) of New York, Mr. Conyers (D), Mr. Cardin (D), Mr. Fazio (D), Mr. Mfume (D), Mr. Ackerman (D), Mr. Ford (D) of Tennessee, Mr. Scheuer (D), Ms. Norton (D), Mr. Dymally (D), Mr. Engel (D), Mr. Hoyer (D), Mrs. Lowey (D) of New York, Mr. Serrano (D), Mr. Brown (D), Mrs. Mink (D), Mrs. Kennelly (D), Mr. Abercrombie (D), Mr. Martinez (D), Ms. Waters (D), Mr. Miller (D) of Washington, Mr. Sabo (D), Mr. Andrews (D) of Maine, Mr. Campbell (D) of Califomia, Mr. Coyne (D), Mr. Torricelli (D), Ms. DeLauro (D), Mr. Stokes (D), Mrs. Collins (D) of Michigan, Ms. Slaughter (D) of New York, Mr. Sikorski (D), Mr. Solarz (D), Mr. Markey (D), Mr. Payne (D) of New Jersey, Mr. Feighan (D), Mr. Panetta (D), Mr. Andrews (D) of New Jersey, Mr. Kpetski (D), Mr. Vento (D), Mr. Gray (D), Mr. Sanders (D), Mr. Torres (D), Mr. Dwyer (D) of New Jersey, Mr. Lantos (D), Mr. Wyden (D), Mr. Hochbrueckner (D), Mr. Traficant (D), Mr. Morgan (D), Mr. Oliver (D), Mr. Mineta (D), Mr. Cox (D) of Illinois, Mr. Jones (D) of Georgia, Mr. Bonior (D), Mr. Gonzales (D), Mr. Johnson (D) of Florida, Mr. Richardson (D), Mr. Bustamante (D), and Mr. Pastor (D).

Published October 1992