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Visit! Visit! Visit!

By Phil Davis

religion, articles, christianity

There can be little dispute as to the value of visiting. There is great good that can be done by this very small action. Consider the following:

Friendships Are Made

There is little that compares with time spent in someone's company to form and nurture a friendship. No one bonds in any full sense with someone whose company he or she never shares. The Bible says, "He who would have friends must show himself friendly." People forget this and accuse others of unfriendliness when in truth the complainant hasn't made any effort to start the ball rolling. Are you lonely? Visit! Is someone else lonely? He may need your visit.

Ties Are Strengthened

The bonds of brotherhood are strong because of our common experiences as well as our common beliefs. Even earthly brothers separated by miles and time may grow apart. But those whose time is spent with each other in pleasant interchange or in commonly held challenges grow to love each other more and more whether the tie be in the flesh or in the Lord. Are your friendships shallow? Visit! Do you want to be a more meaningful part of others' lives? Visit!

Encouragement Is Given

The lonely among us are most in danger of disappointment and despair. How many are there who live alone and seldom hear a voice or see a face but on the television? We are social creatures and we are at our best when we act socially. Too much isolation tends to give a person an unbalanced perspective of his world. Communication helps to mend many problems. Those whose lives are being lived out as bleak existence can be helped most and quickest by our caring enough to visit them. Of course, this requires that we develop caring hearts. Is someone's faith wavering? Visit! Is your faith merely academic? Visit!

Jesus Is Magnified

Our Lord was the best example of the visiting that improves an unfriendly world. He "went about doing good." Jesus found the needs of people and helped when he could without overshadowing his mission of soul-saving. He visited the rich and the poor, the gregarious and the monastic. The only visits the Bible records as unwelcome were to those whose hearts were perverse and hated the truth. Still, Jesus did his part, and no one could take away the merit of his actions. What was the result? The common people received him gladly. Men still follow him. The Father said, "Well done!"

What is the point of visiting? You may never fully understand its value until you participate yourself. The best part from a human point of view, though, is that your example may lead someone to visit you someday when you need it.

Published November 1992