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Homosexuals: Is There Room for Everyone at the Table?

By John T. Lewis

religion, articles, christianity

Michael S. Piazza, "Senior Pastor" of the almost totally homosexual "Cathedral of Hope Metropolitan Church" has perverted the gospel of Christ to the furthest extreme in his article "There Must Be Room for All in the Church" (Dallas Morning News, July 1, 1995).

Piazza twists the Holy Record to soothe his own perversion. He begins his devilish treatise by recalling his former days of involvement in his denomination. But "one day the relationship came to an abrupt halt" when his church learned that he was "gay." ("Gay" is not the word that should be used for this man's lifestyle.)

Homosexual is the word for this past-feeling perversion (1 Cor. 6:9-10). Only a "reprobate mind" would condone and participate in this ungodly activity (Rom. 1:26-28).

The word gay made its way into our society through the "politically correct" perverts that dominate most of our media and political system. Christians need to call these people what they are homosexuals or perverts.

Piazza, in his newspaper interview, appeals to God's love as endorsement for his ungodly behavior. He moans, "Wasn't the gospel the church preached that God so loved the world true?"

Yes, it is true that God is love (1 John 4:8). But our society has deafened its ears to the fact that God is a God of justice as well. The prophet declared that this God of love "will not at all acquit the wicked" (Nahum 1:3).

The beloved Savior will "take vengeance" upon all those not obeying the gospel (2 Thess. 1:7-9). The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, in all their sexual perversion of chasing after "strange flesh," are forever an example of the "vengeance of eternal fire" for those engaging in such debauchery today (Jude 7).

God is a God of love he loves even the homosexuals but that does not mean he approves their filthy behavior nor that he will not punish their sin. God is a God of love when he punishes murderers, fornicators, and liars (see Rev. 21:8). He loves those whom his justice condemns and his holiness punishes.

Piazza is bold to quote Scripture in his pitiful effort to convince us to accept his unbecoming way of life? Why not, even the devil quoted Scripture!

He says, "The prophet Isaiah envisioned a day when God's house would be a house of prayer for all people" (Isa. 56:3-7). This is a classic example of "twisting the Scriptures" to one's own destruction.

The Isaiah text he uses obviously is a reference to "all nations" (Jew and Gentile) having access to the house of God (Isa. 56:7). It has nothing to do with openly accepting a sinful lifestyle.

Unknown to him, Piazza cuts his own theological throat, if God's house for "all people" is defined in the sense of what Piazza says. Then what about rapists and child molesters (pedophiles)? Should we accept them just the way they are and let them dwell among us without any change?

Piazza is bold to say, "God promised that even eunuchs, those ostracized and excluded as sexually disenfranchised, would be given a place."

Oh, how I pray these homosexuals would become eunuchs for the kingdom of God! A eunuch engaged in no sexual activity (Matt. 19:10). Let our homosexual friends give that a try!

Piazza tells us that we might disagree about this issue but that we should "never exclude anyone from the family."

Is this the attitude Paul had? He told the church to deliver one sex pervert "unto Satan" (1 Cor. 5:45). We are told to not keep company with fornicators, which includes homosexuals (1 Cor. 6:7-9). Does that sound like making room at the table for repulsive sinners?

Room is to be made for the penitent person, but we are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (Eph. 5:11). God does not tell you to put your little ones at dinner with those who would corrupt them.

The statement rings loud and clear from this man's article that "all people deserve a place of prayer and worship." This statement was made on the tail-end of his plea for agreeing to disagree. But mark my word, this man doesn't believe what he says. Would he accept me with the view I have expressed in this article? Would he let me stand in his pulpit and condemn the sickening sin of homosexuality? Not in a million years. Piazza wants everyone opposed to him to "accept him as he is," but will not in turn accept those opposed to him.

Homosexuality is a perversion of God's plan. God made woman for man, not man for man or woman for woman (Matt. 19:4). Anyone violating this plan will receive "the recompense [penalty] of their error which is due" (Rom. 1:27).

They may play church and read just enough Bible to soothe their own conscience. But the Bible still says that sexual perverts will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Published August 1996