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The Debate Between Catholic Response and Darrell Conley

By Hal Smith

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The debate between Michael Luther and Dr. Robert Narvaez representing an organization called Catholic Response, and Darrell Conley, preacher for the Northern Oaks Church of Christ in San Antonio, Texas, was well attended all four nights and was an overwhelming success for the truth.

Michael Luther and Dr. Narvaez were weak in the presentation of their position that "the Catholic Church is the true church of Christ in which alone is to be found salvation (and which is infallible in teaching the truths revealed by Christ)."

Brother Conley was well prepared, and presented the truth in a kind, but powerful and a logical manner. He proved beyond any shadow of doubt that "The church of Christ is the only true church in which is salvation, and that the Bible alone is our only authority in faith and practice." The men representing the Catholic church's teaching could neither defend their position, nor could they answer the arguments brother Conley presented.

Brother Conley used their own history and doctrine to prove the Catholic church is an apostate church and that it is nothing like the church of the New Testament. He logically showed the fallacies and inconsistencies of the arguments set forth by Luther and Narvaez. He kindly presented irrefutable truth. He forced the Catholics to admit things that dealt devastating blows to Catholicism. One of these was their admission that the pope is "just a man" and that some of the popes have been so wicked and immoral they will surely be lost forever. This is not what Catholics want their people to believe.

After the debate, quite a number of Catholics expressed dissatisfaction with Catholicism and a desire to learn the truth. The Sunday after the debate two Catholic couples attended Bible class and worship at the Northern Oaks church. In class they expressed their disappointment with Catholicism and felt they had been deceived. They requested further study with brother Conley, and these studies are now underway. Not only were the Catholics impressed, but also some Baptists have called brother Conley to express appreciation for his excellent defense of the truth.

This debate was a success in every sense of the word. Brother Roy Deaver was the able moderator and gave invaluable assistance with charts, logical arguments, and questions. Brothers Conley and Deaver are an outstanding team "set for the defense of the gospel." This debate proves that truth, presented in love, will prevail. At a later date, sometime next year, brother Conley will again meet representatives of Catholic Response in a public forum.

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Published November 1995