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Why Churches Fail

By Steve Gunter

religion, articles, christianity

Buildings sometimes fall down at the most inconvenient time. Immediately people will want to know the cause for the collapse. "Why did this building fail?" becomes question number one.

In like manner the churches of Christ have lost their structural integrity. The eternal kingdom can never fail, of course, but the humans who compose the church may fall (Matt. 16:18; Gal. 5:1).

A bold band of intellectual wolves have betrayed the plainest commands and directions of the Scriptures. Perhaps the only thing they demand of anyone today is the acknowledgment of Christ as Lord. Reading their literature, one wonders what if anything they retain from the first-century church, which is our model and pattern for restoration of religious truth.

The devil has destroyed these men through the vanity of their minds. Jesus rightly condemned all such even as early as age 12 when he triumphed over the doctors of the Jewish law in the Jerusalem temple (Luke 2:46).

Churches fail when the people of God cease to submit to his authority. The impure doctrine of humanistic liberalism has virtually erased the once mighty and formidable knowledge-base the Christian of yesteryear commanded in earnest war against evil and the subordinate forces of Satan.

Published May 1993