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Pack of lies 5:
"Life Came to Be by Mere Chance"

By Lindell Mitchell

religion, articles, christianity

America is currently divided over crucial issues. The side we take will influence the moral direction of the nation. It is impossible to be neutral. We are part of the stream of ideas and must make our choice at the great divide.

The evolution/creation conflict is just such a divide. At stake is the question of whether we have a foundation for morality and meaning in the world, or whether we must accept a life of chaos and despair.

If man is no more than a biological accident produced by chance chemical reactions, it is impossible to distinguish between right and wrong. However, if God is responsible for creation and man's presence in it, then moral behavior and the search for meaning can lead to a satisfying conclusion.

When humanists and other atheists seek to explain man's origin, they must accept evolutionary doctrines because they have already rejected God. In evolutionary theory one discovers that man ascended from lower animals. It is argued that man differs from other animals in quality but not in kind. In other words, he is simply an animal who happens to be more intelligent than other animals.

The exalted position God gave to man is dashed by the grim realization that man is simply an animal trying to find his way in a world devoid of transcendent values. With one hand the humanist exalts man; with the other he drags him to the muck with worms!

Some "scholars" have vainly attempted to combine a belief in God with evolution. They contend that God started the process of creation and set up the laws that continue to drive evolution. This view is called "theistic evolution." It is inconsistent and wrong. If evolution can do what it claims, God is not needed.

Today the theory of evolution is falling apart. Though the man on the street may not know it, evolutionary theory is being steadily dismantled through modem discoveries. Dr. Paul LeMoine is quoted as saying, "Evolution is a fairy tale for adults."

Despite their great swelling words, evolutionists are still unable to provide answers to crucial questions:

  • What is the origin of life?
  • What is the origin of intellect?
  • What is the origin of conscience?
  • How did the lowly, single-cell animal elevate itself into a higher life form?
  • How did life change itself from cold-blooded to warm-blooded?
  • How did sexless life, in the beginning, create sex and why?
  • How did the single cell evolve into cells of fish, fowl, animal, and man, all of which are different?
  • How did matter create the idea of spirit?
  • Why do we not have any record of any missing link between animal and man?

The question of origins is philosophical. Evolutionists should admit that their theory cannot be substantiated by the tools of empirical investigation. Evolution is a lie and a preposterous one at that! If you want to learn of the origin of life, turn to the first two chapters of the book of Genesis in your Bible. God's Word stands unscathed; let no man shake your faith with something as patently false as the theory of evolution.

Deo Vindice.

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