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An Open Letter to All
Churches of Christ
of Southern California

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I was shocked and dismayed this last week to attend a Youth Program at one of our churches - on a Sunday morning at the 9:30 a.m. assembly in the auditorium. The speaker, in his presentation, presented four tape recordings of a full orchestrated band with all instruments. I could not believe my ears; there were guitars, drums, pianos, horns and string instruments of every nature. If it is OK to play a prerecorded tape, wouldn't it be just the same to have the full band play live?

When I approached the director of the program I was told that this was a class, as communion was not being served until 10:30 a.m., and I was also told that the Greek words for "music" were "not clear." I was told by an elder of that congregation that their eldership was not aware that instrumental music would be played in the auditorium that morning.

Brethren, I have a concern that well over 250 young people were badly misled that morning. Is it right for youth ministers, guest speakers, elders or others to introduce instrumental music of this magnitude in worship services among churches of Christ? Should the other churches at least have been told that this was going to happen? I have a great concern over what impression was made on the young people attending this Youth Program. I also have a concern if an eldership is not told about something as serious as this.

Are we being stumbling blocks for our young people? Why was this done in a secretive way without the eldership being informed? Why were the visiting congregations of Southern California, who sent their young people to this program, not told that this would be done? This didn't happen by accident. "We understand your concern and we will bring it up in our evaluation meeting afterwards," is skirting the issue.

It was only a few years ago that another congregation at a Youth Program was going to take the Lord's Supper on Saturday night. What will happen next? Is this what change is all about?

Let us prayerfully consider the actions that we take that are going to impact the soul salvation of all our young Christian brothers and sisters. Let us pray that we strive to be true to God's Word. Let us strive to live in harmony and in peace, but not peace at any price. Whatever happened to, "We speak where the Bible speaks and we are silent where the Bible is silent"?

In service to Christ,

D. Hershel Wilson

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Published June 1997