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Where Did Jesus and the Apostles Teach It?

By E. Claude Gardner

religion, articles, christianity

Image ran an article in the November-December 1992 issue on page 32 with the question: "What Is the Pattern for a New Testament Church?" Items were listed, some of which are controversial and others that are not, with a place to check yes or no and give the Bible passage for the answer. Not all questions were included that should have been, and, therefore, I am submitting several others below. These will pinpoint and "bring out of the closet" the liberals and the church changers and bashers if they will honestly respond to the survey. Please let us hear from any who will respond with Scripture.

  Yes No Passage
1. Baptism saves.     
2. Salvation is at the point of faith without obedience.    
3. Instrumental music in worship will not send people to hell.    
4. One is saved by grace alone and cannot contribute one whit to his salvation.    
5. The church of Christ is a denomination.    
6. Fellowship should be extended to evangelical churches and their doctrines.    
7. Women may publicly preach to mixed audiences.    
8. Women may direct the song services in mixed assemblies.    
9. Elders have no authority in any area.    
10. Freedom in Christ permits choosing one's own course.    
11. The new hermeneutic is the proper way to understand the Bible and to establish authority.    
12. The use of logic and reasoning to establish authority should be avoided    
13. The plea to restore the church as it was in the first century is irrelevant and impossible.    
14. Jesus used the word grace in the Sermon on the Mount and in Matthew 23.    
15. The church should change to accommodate the baby boomers' desire to change the church.    
16. Christ should be preached and not the church.    
17. In the mission field we should preach Jesus and not doctrine.    
18. The gospel and the church had their beginning in the Gospels and with Jesus during his personal ministry.    
19. The Living Word is more important than the written Word.    
20. The Gospels are more important than Acts through Revelation.    
21. Fellowship should be extended to all who are immersed regardless of the purpose.    
22. Silence of the Scriptures does not prohibit a practice in the worship and work of the church.    
23. Doctrinal purity is not as important as promoting peace and proper relationships.    
24. To teach baptism into the church instead of into Christ results in a sectarian view.    
25. To teach that baptism is a "fifth step" has obscured the decision to make commitment to Christ as Lord.    
26. Objective truth is less important as our guide than feelings or illumination of the Spirit or "inner light."    

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