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"The firm foundation of God standeth having this seal, the Lord knoweth them that are his."
2 Timothy 2:19

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PC Study Bible: Complete Reference Library Edition 1

A collection of proven reference works, computerized to help you get to the heart of the Bible. Instantly compare Bible passages and translations. Locate specific words or phrases. Cross reference to related verses or articles from any verse. Research the meaning of Bible words from the original Greek and Hebrew. Access thousands of articles and outlines on people, places, events, and other Bible subjects. Copy any of this information to your favorite Windows word processor to create personal study notes and manuscripts. A powerful tool.

$279.95 + shipping and tax if applicable

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Feature CD-ROM: Complete Works of Foy E. Wallace. Jr.


  • All 14 of his books
  • References from King James Bible
  • Articles by him from:
    • Gospel Advocate
    • Gospel Guardian
    • Bible Banner
    • Torch

    $149.95 + shipping and tax if applicable

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