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Lessons From the Prophets

By H. A. (Buster) Dobbs
I.  Why Study the Prophets?
    A.  Gain an insight of the eternal purpose of God.
        1.  The prophets spoke of Jesus and will help us to better 
            understand him.
        2.  The prophets help us to have a better understanding of 
        3.  The prophets use powerful and vivid language.
        4.  The prophets help us to have a better understanding of God.
        5.  1 Corinthians 10:11
        6.  2 Timothy 2:15
        7.  2 Timothy 3:14-17
        8.  1 Peter 1:1-12
II.  Marks of an Old Testament Prophet.
     A.  Prophets were uncompromising (exacting, firm, inflexible).
         1.  Outspoken critics of evil.
         2.  Kings, priests, princes, nobles, soldiers and ordinary people 
             were treated just alike.
     B.  Prophets were fully committed to their task.
     C.  Prophets were always men of action.
     D.  Prophets had a ruggedness of body and character.
     E.  Prophets understood the sovereignty of God.
     F.  Prophets were pious and devout.
     G.  Prophets did not deal in abstractions.
     H.  Prophets preached to their own age, but did at times forecast 
         the future.
III.  Old Testament Prophets.
      A.  The early prophets.
          1.  Moses, 1447 years B.C. -- Egypt
          2.  Samuel, 1100 years B.C. -- (United Kingdom)
          3.  Elijah, 870 years B.C. -- Israel 
          4.  Elisha, 850 years B.C. -- Israel 
          5.  Joel, 835 years B.C. -- Judah
          6.  Jonah, 800 years B.C. -- Israel (Nineveh).
      B.  The eighth century prophets.
          1.  Amos, 760 years B.C. -- Israel
          2.  Hosea, 745 years B.C. -- Israel
          3.  Isaiah, 740 years B.C. -- Judah
          4.  Micah, 735 years B.C. -- Judah
      C.  The seventh century prophets.
          1.  Zephaniah, 630 years B.C. -- Judah
          2.  Jeremiah, 626 years B.C. -- Judah
          3.  Nahum, 625 years B.C. -- Judah
          4.  Habakkuk, 610 years B.C. -- Judah
      D.  The prophets of the exile.
          1.  Obadiah, 586 years B.C. -- Judah
          2.  Ezekiel, 592 years B.C. -- Babylon
          3.  Daniel, 592 years B.C. -- Babylon/Persia
      E.  The prophets of restoration and after exile.
          1.  Haggai, 520 years B.C. -- Judah
          2.  Zechariah, 520 years B. C. -- Judah
          3.  Malachi, 435 years B.C. -- Judah

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