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Frequently Asked Question

When did denomincations start?

The church is undenominational when she follows the Bible and the Bible only. Any local congregation that knows and does the will of God is not a denomination. In Acts chapter two when the first church of Christ was formed in the city of Jerusalem, it was not a denomination because the people followed the exact word of God. They continued, we are told, in the apostles doctrine and fellowship (Acts 2:42). Because they followed just the Bible, they "continued stedfastly with one accord" (Acts 2:46).

If it is undenominational to follow the Bible exactly in all things, then denominationalism is the result of following human opinion instead of divine revelation. When the worship of Mary was innovated, wherever that was accepted, denominationalism resulted. The same is true of church hierarchy, sprinkling substituted for baptism, holy water, veneration of the saints, use of instruments in worship, and etc. Those who practice such things just go deeper and deeper into denominationalism.

When the King of England and Martin Luther started the Anglican and Protestant Reformations, they adopted human creeds instead of following just the Bible. The teaching that babies are born sinful, are helpless, must experience irresistible grace, are saved at the point of faith only before and without other works of obedience (like baptism), and once saved cannot be lost are all foreign to the Bible and cause denominationalism. Every religious organization that grew out of either Reformation had its authoritative human creed books and denominationalism expanded because of it.

The cure is to go back to the Bible and speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent. We must declare independence from all human creeds and have no creed but Christ and no doctrine but the New Testament. Then we will be undenominational even though denominations abound all about us.

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