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Frequently Asked Question

What is the doctrine of the Pentecostal religion?

Pentecostalism is basically Calvinism, which is refined Augustineism. The basic points of the doctrine are:

  1. People are born sinners
  2. Sinners are helpless and can do no good thing
  3. God is the sole actor in the salvation process and saves whom he wills to save and ignores all others;
  4. If God decides to save someone, since the person is so full of inherited sin he can do no good thing, it must be done by a direct and immediate action of the Holy Spirit on the human spirit -- naked spirit on spirit
  5. The saved person can do nothing that will cause him to be lost again -- once saved always saved
  6. The saved person is to observe the two ordinances of the church -- baptism and the Lord's Supper.

This teaching is basic to all religious groups connected with the Portestant and Anglican Reformations. It includes nearly all present day religious groups that claim to be Christian.

Calvinism is wrong on every point. Babies are not born sinful but are sinless at birth (Matt. 19:14). Jehovah is the father of all spirits (Heb. 12:9) and Jehovah could not father a sinful spirit. We are not helpless but responsible for what we do and are held accountable (2 Cor 5:10). Sinless babies grow up and do wrong things and leave undone right things and become sinful. Sin separates us from God. It is a thing of our own doing. The sinful person can decide of himself to change or repent. People are commanded to repent and could not respond to the requirement if they are helpless pawns in the grip of an inherited sinful nature (Matt. 3:2; Acts 17:30). Repentance is the outgrowth of belief. Belief is something we do and not something that is done to us (Rom 10:17; John 6:28-29; James 2:14-16). The penitent believer is to be baptized to wash away sin or to be born again (Acts 22:16; John 3:5). Salvation comes after and not before baptism (Mark 16:16).

Pentecostals put an empahsis on the direct and immediate action of the Holy Spirit in their lives. (The Bible teaches that the sword of the Spirit is the word of God -- see Eph 6:17.) They work themselves into an emotional frenzy, fall on the floor, roll on the ground, by hypnosis they may lie motionless for hours, bark like dogs, moo like cows, yell and scream and generally act in an irrational way under the mistaken notion that this is the work of the Holy Spirit in them. One reads the New Testament in vain for either command or example for such behavior.

Time was when all Methodist, Baptists, and all others of like dispostion acted just like modern day penetcostals, because the teaching is basic to their doctrine. It is without New Testament sanction and cannot be defended in the light of the teaching of the scriptures.

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