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Bible InfoNet: large collection of Bible related articles, outlines and a place to ask your Bible questions and receive a quick email answer.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bible

1. Without a massive discussion, can you tell me what doctrinal position you are coming from ?

2. With reguard to "Testing the Spirits " in 1 John 4:2, how are we to do that ?

From what country will the antichrist come?

Can you please tell me where the quotation 'Suffer little children, come to me' comes from?

Why is man's number 666 and God's number 7, while they say Jesus' number is 8?

Where did Cain get his wife from?

How can I know the Bible is true and therefore reliable? What "facts" are you looking for? How do you know it is God's word? How do we know He wrote it? How do we know that the Bible we are reading right now is not something which was manipulated by crazy people? How do we know that today's version is the same as the first one?

What were the physical characteristics (hieght, hair, and eye color) of David?

Why Did Jesus Curse the fig tree and the fig tree died even though the fig tree was out of season in the Gospel Of Mark?

Scripture is the Word of God...and God is the Scripture? Please comment.

When and where did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John write their Gospels?

Is the Bible inerrant?

Is the Bible valid?

How did Jeremiah understand the task of perserving Israel?

Comment of Mt. 3:14-15 implying John the Baptist knew who Jesus was and John 1:32-33 where he says he did not know Jesus. Does the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus have something to do with the answer?

What is the probability of Bible prophecies being true?

Can you please list the major prophets of the Old Testament?

What is the first resurrection and who will be included in this resurrection?

Where can the song of Miriam be found?

Song of Songs -- who wrote this chapter of the bible? What does the author symbolize by this beautiful love story?

Where can I find a biblical reference for the Ten Commandments?

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