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Bible InfoNet: large collection of Bible related articles, outlines and a place to ask your Bible questions and receive a quick email answer.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Frequently Asked Question

how can I know the Bible is true and therefore reliable? What "facts" are you looking for? How do you know it is God's word? How do we know he wrote it? How do we know that the bible we are reading right now is not something which was manipulated by crazy people? How do we know that todays version is the same as the first one?

Three are many arguments proving the Bible is not from man, but must come from a higher intelligence, or God. Any one of these arguments is conclusive. I will set out a number of the evidences proving the Bible.

Here are some salient facts about the Bible:

40 writers used in its compilation
Writers had 20 different occupations
Writers lived in different countries
They wrote over a 1,500 year span
Many (most) of the writers had no opportunity to collaborate with other writers.
Still, there are no contradictions in the original manuscripts
Multiple copies of the originals show amazing unity

We know the Bible is true because of fulfilled prophecy. There are many prophecies concerning Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus fulfilled every prophecy -- not one failed of fulfillment. If we take 50 prophecies about Jesus and give each an equal chance of fulfillment or failure, the mathmatic odds against all being fulfilled in the life of one man is 2 carried to the 50th power, or 1,1265,000,000,000,000 to one against. The law of probability show the Bible to be the very word of very God.

The durability of the Bible shows it to be unique.

Utility statements showing an understanding the original writer could not possibly have of his own study and that must have been revealed to him.

Confirmation of Archeology

Nature of Bible teaching -- its morality, its fairness, its objectivness.

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