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And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

If the Bible is not true then there is no trustworthy history.

  • No other history bears such characteristics of genuineness and reliability as does the Bible.
  • The Bible is not based on hearsay testimony (1 John 1:1).
  • The writers had nothing to gain by writing the Bible.
  • If the Bible is not true then no history merits our acceptance.

The Bible couldn't have been written by accident.

  • The Bible has 66 books but they are one in harmony.
  • 40 writers wrote the Bible over a 1600 year period.
  • These men came from different occupations and different customs.
  • It is impossible for there to be a conspiracy to write the Bible over this time span.

It couldn't have happened by accident.

  • We might as well argue that hundreds of workers, building by their own plan built the Empire State Building as to argue that the Bible is a work of chance.
  • The Bible is harmonious
  • Men with a cross section of occupations, accomplishments and abilities have written a completely harmonious book is unequivocal proof of 2 Peter 1:21.
  • Modern history book with many contractions. Did you hear of the children's text book that said the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Korea?

If it's not true then error is worth more than truth.

  • The Bible has done more to elevate man than any other work. It's done more than all the writings of atheist, skeptics, agnostics, deist, etc..
  • If it's in error why would it do more than the supposed truth of these philosophers?

If not true man lives in vain. We would have no hope.

  • If it's not true there is no purpose for the universe. The Bible tells us our purpose.

The Bible is authoritative in expression.

  • "Thus saith the Lord" - occurs almost 2,000 times
  • The Bible never hedges.
  • It speaks of the future as positively as the past.

Is not biased.

  • Tells both good and bad. David - after God's heart but also guilty of adultery and murder.

The Bible is scientific accuracy.

  • It refers to the Earth being round in Job 26:7.


  • Josephus, first century Jewish historian, confirms the truths of the Bible (Book 18, chapter 3).

The Bible cannot be improved.

  • In science, medicine man is always improving his techniques. You're looking at this lesson using technology that didn't exist just a few years ago and in a few more years we will be using even better technology on the Internet. But the Bible is timeless. It cannot be improved upon.

Fulfillment of prophecies

  • The fulfillment of prophecies gives us reason for believing the Bible. We will look at some examples on the next two charts.

Be sure to open up your Bible and study these examples of fulfilled prophecy.

The only explanation for these fulfilled prophecies is that God breathed into the Bible. You can believe your Bible.

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