"...but try the spirits whether they are of God..." (1 Jno. 4:1)

Volume Four, Number Four Winter 1996

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EDITOR'S NOTE: With this issue, Challenge, will be going on line with the Internet. Certain atheistic groups and individuals have been on line in this manner for some time. Recently Farrell Till and his publication The Skeptical Review has gone on line. Mr. Till is one who thinks that the information age will be the downfall of Bible believing individuals. The downfall of the Bible has been forecasted down throughout time by atheists for a variety of reasons. We feel that the information age will no more be the downfall of Bible literacy in this age any more than it has been in any other age. Therefore, we wish to go on line to provide Bible answers and responses to individuals and publications, such as Mr. Till and his Skeptical Review.

CHALLENGE: Jerry D. McDonald, Editor; Michael Hughes, Associate Editor; Roger Barron, Consulting Editor;

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